Lights, Camera, and Look-Alikes?

Hi. My name is Amber and I work at the British Intelligence League. This is about the one day everything changed...


2. What!?!?

Niall's P.O.V.:

I was talking to Harry when I saw myself. Well, it looked like myself. I froze, then gasped. The boys all snapped their heads toward the look-alike and all acquired the same shocked look. The look-alike ran away and we easily caught up with them. Zayn tackled him and pinned them to the ground.

"God, this is so weird!" Zayn exclaimed.

"I know, we're like twins!" they said.

"Shut it!" Harry spit out. It was filled with so much malice, I took a step back.

"Ow! This is starting to hurt! Can you get off me? I swear I won't run away!" the look-alike complained.

"Zayn, get off him. There are 5 of us and only one of him. We'll be fine!" Liam said. Zayn got up and the look-alike started rubbing their wrists where Zayn had held him down.

"That's gonna leave a mark" I heard him mutter. Sure enough, a little red mark was already forming.They sat up and I gave them a hand up.

"Why do you look and sound exactly like me?" I asked them

. "Because I saw your picture on a magazine cover." He said, shrugging.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Louis asked, confused. He shrugged again.

"Dude, please explain?!?!" Harry practically shouted.

"Don't call me a dude!" they said, just as loud. they immediately covered their mouth.

"Wait, your not a boy?" Liam questioned.

"Dang it, I need to learn how to shut up!" They scolded themselves. By then, I was really confused, and so was everyone else.

"This doesn't make any sense!" I exclaimed.

"Tell us something we don't already know, please!" Zayn said sarcastically.

"Sorry," I said to him. " Anyway, will you please explain why you look and sound exactly like me, even though your apparently a girl?" She had been babbling but as soon as i said that, she shut up and just started glaring at me.

"Ah, do I know you from somewhere? You seem very familiar." Louis asked her. She stopped glaring at me and her gaze transferred to Louis. Her eyes teared up a little, but I think I was the only one who noticed this.

She then said "No, I have never met any of you before in my entire life. Please let me go." I felt so sorry for her.

"Why do you look like Niall? I can't figure it out!" exclaimed Liam. All of the sudden, she froze.

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked her.

"We're surrounded," she whispered "But that's impossible... We're on our land... Unless it's a raid..." she mumbled on and on. we heard a faint click, like a gun being loaded. "Shoot!" she said. She reached down to her belt and pulled out... A GUN!?!?


Hey! It's Amber. I'll try to update once a day, but I have a pretty busy schedule. Anyway, here is a pretty good chapter. thank you to those of you who commented and liked and favorited. I love all of the fans of this book!


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