Lights, Camera, and Look-Alikes?

Hi. My name is Amber and I work at the British Intelligence League. This is about the one day everything changed...


1. The Look-Alike

Amber's P.O.V.:


I thought about my mission as i sat on the bench. I'm a spy for the British Intelligence League, and I am very useful to them. I can change my voice and appearance to look and sound like anyone. It's an amazing gift. I can also change my clothes' appearance, which  comes in handy when I'm changing from a 12 year old cheerleader into a 50 year old general.

I took a deep breath, made sure no one was looking, and transformed into a face I saw on a magazine cover. I think his name was Niall or something like that. I stood up and started walking away. Suddenly, I saw the real Niall. I froze just as he saw me. He gasped and all of his friends' heads snapped towards me. As soon as they saw me, their jaws dropped to the ground. They stared between me and Niall. As soon as they recovered from the shock, I had already started running away. I couldn't get caught!. They sprinted after me and were easily overtook me. I put on a quick burst of speed, and the chase was on!

Sorry for the short chapter! I'll try to update. By the way, this is my first movella, so no hate please!


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