Lights, Camera, and Look-Alikes?

Hi. My name is Amber and I work at the British Intelligence League. This is about the one day everything changed...


7. I want to make the first move

Nina's P.O.V.:

I walked into Red's room with Izzy, and we both froze as we saw 5 other boys in the room along with Amber and Simon.

Amber squealed when she saw us and ran over and hugged us.

She would have come with us on the mission, but she was working on a mission of her own. A long term mission that she probably hasn't finished yet.

I caught Zayn checking me out, but right then, Amber caught him and gave him and Louis(Who was checking out Izzy) her famous 'Try-Anything-And-I-Will-Snap-Your-Necks' look. I was grateful for that. I want to make the first move, and I'll make it when I'm ready. Plus, Zayn staring at me was starting to get a little creepy.

Simon told us our new mission, and we were off.


Sorry for the short chapter! I'm still looking for other ideas for their mission. The one that I got so far was really good. It was given to me by Harry_<3 and was really good. I'm still looking for some people to be Harry's and Liam's girlfriends. It is going to be first come, first serve. Anyway, please like, comment and favorite! I love hearing suggestions for the book!


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