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  • Published: 14 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 14 Oct 2014
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Just short story I wrote for school and wanted to share.


1. Run

I stand in a white and pristine corridor, with dim lights leading the way forwards. The silence is deafening, buzzing relentlessly in my ears, broken only by my raged breathing.

A shiver escapes me, and crawls down my spine. I’m no longer alone; I can feel the eyes of someone boring into the back of my skull. I turn around, expecting my gaze to be met by some living creature, but behind me is a wall. There is no one there.

I look again at the path in front of me, unease gathering in my stomach and clawing around my body. Once I avert my gaze the eyes return. Something does not wish to be seen. I don’t look again. I no longer want to know what the thing behind me is.

The lights start to flicker. At first that’s all that it is, a harmless, common thing that happens sometimes. But soon I catch unwanted glimpses of … things running into the shadows, staring at me with hungry, wild eyes, before the lights just stop working, and I’m left in the dark.

Now that I want to run, I find my body refuses to respond. I’m paralyzed with fear, helpless to defend myself against the eyes in the dark.

The lights return, but now I wish they hadn’t. The once spotless walls are caked with blood, some old and dry, other splatters are fresh and glistening. Bones litter the floor and, again, some are old and decayed with others still have flesh hanging of. I scream, and even to me it sounds full of fear and disgust, not more animal than human. And then, just like the eyes in the dark, the lights leave and then return, casting away the image of horror I had previously stood in.

I back against the wall so nothing can creep up on me. My eyes are wide and my breathing is uneven and broken, every lungful of air feels like a difficult task that requires all my strength. Somewhere in the distance someone laughs.

Normally the sound would be a welcome thing, as it was a relaxed sound that spoke of happy times in better places. Now it brought only dread at what I could be facing.

The buzzing in my ears is silenced by the sound of footsteps. They seem slow and relaxed, communicating that they know I am trapped, they know they are in control, and they know what is going to happen next. I don’t want to know, but I have no choice.

Then the laugh is behind me and the wall has vanished. Suddenly, a hand grabs my shoulder, and I can feel breathing on the back of my neck. I freeze as the laugh turns into a chuckle, dripping with malice and promises of blood. Then the hand is gone, and a single whispered command enters my ear and echoes through my head.


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