Its dark in here.

Where am I? It's dark in here! I want to go home.


3. entry 3

//hi guys. This story is diary entry's as you can see. You guys who have been reading my other story have been inspiring me to write something as well as my story "just a fangirl". If you like one direction and your reading this but not that one please take a read and tell me what you think! Thank you for so much support!//

He nearly came to me today.

He nearly came Down the stairs of the damp room he chucked me in

But there was a knock at the door. It sound like the police.

I tried my hardest to scream for help. But nothing came out. Like I was dreaming.

I cried a lot today.

I'm hungry and tired.

I'm to scared to close my eyes. Every time I do. I can't help but see myself being killed.

By him.

I must go. I can hear him coming down here. I don't want him to take away the one thing I have left.

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