Meet Aleisha Knight, sweet, kind and a straight A student.

And then there's Ryder Clark, annoying and childish.

They both had a past together. They stopped talking to each other at one point of their lives, and they hated each other; or so they thought they did. When they were assigned to study together, Aleisha declined but there was no way of persuading her teacher so she agreed anyway. Will everything work out in the end? Or will they stay as each other's enemies?


7. seven

"Where in God's name are you taking me, Clark?" I asked. 

He's been driving for a total of eighteen minutes and I have had enough.

"Why do you call me Clark? I mean, I call you darling. You should think of something cuter," Ryder smirked, his eyes not leaving the road.

"Oh my God, stop calling me that!" I said. 

"I mean, darling's pretty cute-," I cut him off before he could even continue with that pointless sentence of his.

"For God's sake, stop changing the 

subject. Where the hell are we going?" 

"Feisty," He smirked. "Stop bringing God into this, he's got nothing to do with this."


"Oh my God, you're a handful, Clark." I said, shaking my head as I gripped on my phone. 

"Just wait until we get there, buttercup," he said and I rolled my eyes.

"It's buttercup now? What are you 10?" I asked. 

"I'll call you whatever I want," he smirked. "But seriously could you just stop whining and just wait till we get there?" 

Releasing a deep sigh, I said, "Fine." 


"Tell me again, why you took me all the way to some abandoned arcade at the other end of town?" I asked, my hands were on my hips, I felt like Regina George.

"Thought you could loosen up a bit. And FYI, this arcade isn't even close to being abandoned." He said.

"Ryder it's only the two of us and that guy," I said, my eyes were on a chubby man with only a dirty white tank top and blue jeans on. 

"Let's just go have some fun," He said and tugged my arm, bringing me towards the concrete death trap, aka the rustic arcade.

A sound of a bell went off as we entered the doors of the arcade, and man was it ancient. It had dust everywhere, literally everywhere. 

Ryder was buying the tokens as I wandered around the arcade. It seemed so familiar yet I couldn't put my finger on it. They had games from decades ago stored in here. 

"Wanna play some pinball?" Ryder asked, startling me from my thoughts. 

"Why pinball?" I asked, my brows furrowed to the middle.

"Just because," He smirked as he made his way to the pinball machine.

He started playing pinball when I was just about to go over to where he was at. His eyes were focused on the little ball that was on the opposite side of the glass sheet that was separating the both of them, his fingers were pressing the buttons like a maniac. 

I couldn't help but smile, and that's when it hit me. 

"Come on, Leisha, it'll be fun!" Ryder exclaimed as we stood outside Cole's Arcade. 

His mum dropped us off at Ryder's grandma's place, and his grandma said we could go out and explore this end of town since we lived on the other end and we didn't get to visit this place much.

"No way, arcade's are for boys," I said, crossing my arms against my chest. 

"I promise you it'll be fun," He said.

"What if it won't?" I asked.

"I'll give you a piggyback ride to our next stop."

"Deal." I smiled, and he grabbed my hand leading me inside the arcade.

After buying a few tokens, Ryder went straight to the pinball machine, it was his favourite. 

I didn't get the point of pinball. What's so special about pushing buttons to make the ball stay inside the damned 'arena'? 

"You should try it, Leisha," Ryder said and he stepped aside the machine.

"I'd pass," I scoff.

"Come on, just one game." 

"Alright, fine." I huffed. 

One round turned into two, and the next thing you know it Ryder and I were playing against each other. Counting the minutes before one of us lost, and the one who lost first gets to buy tokens. 

After the little fun, we got tired of playing different games in the arcade and decided to leave the place.

"Do I still get that piggyback ride?" I asked, with my signature puppy dog pout.

"You lost," He chuckled.

"Please, Ryder!" I begged.

"As you wish, darling," He said before kneeling so I could hop on his back. 

"Where are we going next, oh trusty steed!" I asked, treating him as if he was a horse.

"You're not as funny as you think, Knight." He scoffed. "But that cafe seems good, doesn't it?" 

I nodded and he went straight to the cute little cafe a few blocks from the arcade. I suddenly felt bad for making him carry me, but oh well!

When we entered the cafe, we were greeted by the amazing aroma of coffee. Even though I'm not a fan of coffee, it still smells hella good! Ryder let me down and we both walked to a table and sat opposite to each other.

"Hey, kids! What can I get you?" Asked the waitress, who seemed to be in her mid thirties. Her name tag said Felicity.

"Hot chocolate, please," Ryder asked. I didn't even have to tell him what I wanted, hot chocolate is my favourite drink ever and I'm always willing to try out new hot chocolate.

Felicity nodded and asked, "Is that all?" 

Ryder looked at me and I nodded, "Yes, thank you."

"Aw, you kids are the cutest little things ever," Felicity squealed before making her way back into the kitchen.

Ryder took out his Samsung flip phone and said, "Lets take a picture together!" 

I quickly fixed my hair before he could snap an ugly picture of myself and him, which he always does. 

"Perfect," he said. 

"Aw, you two are sweethearts!" I heard Felicity say, startling us from our little conversation. "Here are your drinks ready," she said, placing two mugs in front of us. She certainly makes hot chocolate fast.

"How long have you been together?"

"No- we're not- we're not together!" I exclaimed. Hopefully he wasn't offended. "He's my best friend for ages."

"Right," she smirked. "Now enjoy your drinks, kids!"

"Aleisha, snap out of it!" Ryder said, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

"Whoa- what?" 

"I said, 'do you wanna get something to drink?'" He said, or repeated.

"S- sure," I stammered. What has gotten into me?

"You okay there?" He asked, his face showed worry.

"I-I'm fine, let's just go."

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