Meet Aleisha Knight, sweet, kind and a straight A student.

And then there's Ryder Clark, annoying and childish.

They both had a past together. They stopped talking to each other at one point of their lives, and they hated each other; or so they thought they did. When they were assigned to study together, Aleisha declined but there was no way of persuading her teacher so she agreed anyway. Will everything work out in the end? Or will they stay as each other's enemies?


4. four

"It's honestly good to see you again, Aleisha," Mr Clark, (or Darren as he'd like me to call him.) said. "How's school been? Still maintaining those high grades?"

"School's been alright, and I guess my marks are alright too," I said. I could feel Ryder roll his eyes at me as I answered his dad's question.

Before dinner, we managed to ask each other 18 questions but then Darren arrived so we had to postpone the following two questions.

"Are you bringing anyone to the senior dance, Aleisha?" Vera asked and I shrugged.

"I don't even think I'm going," I chuckled.

"Nonsense! Take Ryder with you," She said, and I guess both Ryder and I choked on our food as we both cough in unison.

What part of 'we're not together anymore' does she not understand?

"I'd pass," Ryder said.


Dinner at the Clark's was alright, we talked about other things rather than Ryder and I's past, thankfully. And afterwards Ryder sent me home.

"Wait, you had dinner at your ex boyfriend's house?" Kate asked through Skype.

"Yup." I said.

"And you didn't tell me?" She gasped. "Rude."

"Sorry! I forgot," I chuckled.

"But how was it? The tutoring, the dinner, his parents?" She asked.

"Well, tutoring him was torturous, that's for sure. He didn't even bother listening when I explained how to get the answer. The dinner was awkward- yet fine at the same time. Vera asked me if I'm going to the dance and I said no, but she said I should go with Ryder-,"

"What part of We Broke Up A Year Ago did she not understand?"

"She didn't even know we've broken up in the first place. She asked me where I've been and stuff so clearly he didn't tell her," I rolled my eyes. "And his parents love me, especially his mom. She almost cried when I left."

"She almost cried?" She asked, making sure she heard right.

"She almost cried."

"Man, she's over attached."

"Can't blame her though, I'm pretty radical." I said and she rolled her eyes at me.

"You're the lamest person I know, Leish," she said. "Anyways, I've got to go. I promised my mom I'd help her with something tonight."

"What thing?" I asked.

"Beats me," She shrugged.

"Okay, good night Leish, love you," She said.

"Love you too, Kate!"


Filler chapter, sorry! and sorry if my writing, grammar and vocab's not that good sometimes. can't blame me for not having english as my first language and having an english teacher that barely teaches :)

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