2 different worlds :/

Kayla, aged; 16, her life consists of music, getting bullied and her heart break boy Michael Clifford?? Will she be with him or does she go with the handsome Lucas hemmings, his worst enemy and cause a argument between him and Michael lets find out??


1. chapter 1: intro

Hey so like I said I'm kayla, I'm not your typical perfect girl, I'm a punk rocker? Something like that but it's your opinion on me really, I'm not a hater on boy bands or anything it just doesn't speak to me? Anyway I get bullied a lot, to the point it's normal for me, I live with my mum, dad and my older sister Megan. I've always been jealous of Megan, she's currently dating teen sensation harry styles, that doesn't really bother me as much?? Any way so you may have heard I'm crushing on Michael Clifford?? I have no chance with him but he leaves a affect that no one else does!! Anyway bye for now guys :) x




I started to awaken, and pulled a pillow over my head, I didn't want to go to school I'm dreading it.

After 5 mins of fighting to get out of bed I pulled myself up and got my clothes I'm wearing. I walked to the shower room and washed

*skip shower*

I got changed and dried my hair, my fringe was layered so I couldn't do much with it, I went to my room grabbed my phone and my bag and put my shoes on!!

Then I walked down stairs and my mum was up, *good morning hunnie*

*hey mum see you after school*

And walked out of the door

I put my music in and blasted out my chemic romance whilst waiting for the school bus.

The bus arrived and I walked in in and showed my pass to the driver, I don't have any friends on here so I sit on my own with my music playing.

*skip journey*

I arrived at school, and already being called a freak and all this, people don't see how I can ignore or this hate but I'm so use to it, it's a everyday routine.

I walked to my locker and got my books, I looked at my time table and I have music, that means Michael, and luke are going to be in there great?

I walked to music, and someone pushed into me I turned round and it was a tanned boy with brown eyes. I shouted at him ' watch out can you, open your eyes up seriously am I invisible???

The boy replied ' hey sorry no your not invisible I can see you, my mate kept pushing me and I landed into you please my names calum and yours?

Me I wasn't sure if I there was going to be any critizism I mean it was me? " it's okay I guess and my names kayla" I said shyly

Calum " that's a sweet name do you want to be friends?" Me; " okay Calum I've only just met you but I'll think about it I've got class?

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