My Heir Of Fire Review

This is my review for the book Heir Of Fire


1. My review

Heir Of Fire 

So this book, what do I think about it? Well let me tell you a story. When I first applied for this book I knew nothing about it. So I waited patiently for the book to come wondering what it was. When it arrived I admit my heart sank. I had heard of the series and to me it didn't sound to good. Do I put it on my bedside table and true to form put a picture on Instagram of the book. And a certainly movellians told me that it wouldn't make cense because I hadn't read the other two. So I was then determined, to read it all. So I read it all, in 3 days, but, with all of my homework I didn't soak it in. And them I forgot about the book, totally. Until I got an e-mail form Georgia telling me that my review was needed. I was then nervous. I had a week to read a review a book. It wasn't going t happen, never. So I read all but 5 chapters. And I thou rally enjoyed it!! But then the 19th came and I realised that I didn't have time t read those chapters and write this review so I went searching, looking for reviews and summaries of this book and I found  a certain one that I agreed with. The book makes you want to throw it at a wall. If you could put it down. It is frustratingly good. I mean the names are adventuress and really hard to pronounce, the settings remind me of middle earth in some kind of weird twisted way. But the thing that got me was the sick humour, or the humour that I thought existed. The things like I smashed his balls into his head. So all in all this is an amazing book that frustrates the living hell out of me. 

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