Daddy n.j.h

Anna-Belle is not exactly the girl you would call, innocent. Nobody knows to her little secret. Anna-Belle works for a firm where, guys from the age 18 to 30 can buy sex. Her job, is to pleasure him if they chose her. Besides her dirty secret, she parties a lot and works at a bakery with her best friend Harry. Anna-Belle ran away from home at the age of 14, she is now 17.

One day her boss calls her, she got a buyer. This guy is special, he is rich. Normally they buy the girls for a night, he bought her for a week. Niall Horan was his name.


2. Paranorma 3



I woke up to the sound of the door opening, but I choose not to turn around. I want him to talk. I see a black figure walking around the bed, removing the covers. The light comes into the room and I close my eyes. The bed moves and a hand strokes my hair softly. Then his thick Irish voice speaks, “You have to wake up, get ready and meet me downstairs in 30 minutes. There is clothes and everything you need in the closet.” Then the bed moves again and he disappears. I don’t hear the door lock, so I get up and sees he is gone.

I walk out to the bathroom and look myself in the mirror. I don’t get how I got hired at this firm, because the others girls got like big breast and small asses. They get booked 4 times a week, while I do once a week. I’m not very special. My curly brown hair and my green eyes are not that special, most buyers wants blondes. I’m skinny though, I mean I wish I was more trained.

I stripped my clothes and threw it in the basket. I turn the water on, but before stepping in I brush through my hair or else I can’t brush it afterwards. I step into the shower and let the water hit my body. I find some shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair. When I’m done I see a little basket with some soap, a razor and some cream and a little note. ‘Remember to keep yourself shaved all day and all night, - your daddy.’

I used the razor and soap from my boss, but I still wonder why he called himself daddy. I shrugged it off and started to dry my body. He said something about the closet, so I walk out and find a whole walk-in closet full of clothes. May I add: sexy clothes. I’m used to wear sexy clothes but not this sexy, I would describe this as sex clothes.

I find a short black dress, that’s the most normal clothes I can find. I also find a leather jacket and some black heels. I search for some makeup, and finds it out in the bathroom in a drawer. I make just a natural look with nude lips and big eye lashes. My hair stairs natural as always. After I’m done getting ready I go downstairs to see him standing in his suit ready to go.

“I see you took my favorite dress,” he walks closer to me and takes his hands on my hips, “you look so sexy.” I just nod, not knowing what to do. I have never been controlled and speechless like this before, normally I’m stubborn and dirty. But not with him.

I remember I never got his name before, he wrote daddy. I am scared to ask him, but I don’t feel comfortable calling him it, if it’s wrong.

“Uhm, I never got your name sir” I quietly ask him, looking at his cold blue eyes. He narrow his eyebrows and smirks at me.

“Didn’t you find my note darling? You call me daddy around here. In public, I’m Niall” he smiles attractive and strokes my arm with his left hand.

His hand gets higher up and stops at my head, he strokes my cheek with his thumb and tilts his head. He is doing it again, the same thing he did at the bakery. It’s like he admiring me. Then suddenly he pulls away and opens the front door, “Hurry up and get in the car.” His voice is harsh and his eyes changed color, they are dark now. Shit, did I made him mad? I know nothing what he is cable of, but he is different. He didn’t screw me last night, everybody else would.

I walk outside and the cold wind hits me skin, I shiver lightly and starts warming myself with my arms. A big black range over is parked outside, I walk over to the car and gets in, like Niall. I’m scared of where he is taking me, maybe he got tired of me already. He was sitting right next to me on the front seat. His one hand on the wheel and the other one on my thigh. His movements gave me electric shocks. That’s how his touch feels like. He looks at me at some glimpse, like he is checking on me.

“Where are we going?” I dared myself to ask him, since I am horrified if he would hurt me. Yet, he hasn’t, but he has his dark side, I can see it in his eyes.

He looks at me again and squeezes my thigh, pressing his nails into my skin. It doesn’t hurt that much, so I keep up with the pain.

“Don’t ask any questions,” his voice is harsh again. He keeps his eyes on the road as he turns down a street. It looks like a dark alley from New York’s streets. He get out of the car and I assumed I should follow him, so I do. He knocks at a big red door with the sign “Paranorma 3”. Must be the streets name or this club things name. The door opens and Niall tells him who he is, so the bodyguard let us in.

I follow Niall down some hallways in this big house. He turns around a corner and stops in his tracks, causing me to bump into him. He turns around and takes his hand up to my head like he did at his house earlier.

“Listen baby girl, this is business and you will wait out here. When I come back, your life will not be the same, don’t try to escape.” He whispers the last part, as he lowers his head to my ear, “tonight you and me.” He bites below my ear, making a small moan escape my mouth. He stops and looks at me with satisfaction.

Niall walks into this dark room, I only get a glimpse of some men in suits before the door closes in my face. I am speechless and in completely shock, as I slide down the wall. He will do it tonight, not that I’m scared of having sex, but I’m scared with him. He is so mysterious and harsh. I don’t mind seeing what’s underneath his suits though, he is sexy as fuck. I have to admit that.

The part about my life not being the same, scares the shit out of me. I don’t know this place, but it seems like a place they could keep prostitutes. Is he going to sell me? No he said we would be together tonight and I’m going home tomorrow. I remember I forgot to ask for a day off. I still have my phone with me, so I find it in my purse and sees I got messages from Harry.

Harry: Where you at kiddo? x

            I’m worried about you pumpkin, pick up your phone x

           Anna-Belle answer me for gods sake! Where are you?!

I decided not to answer, but to call him instead. I pressed the call button and it began ringing. 1…2…3…4 Pick up assh- “Anna where the fuck are you?” Harry’s worried yet mad voice blurred out of my phone.

“Harry don’t worry, nothing happened to me” I tried to calm him down, but he kept asking questions.

“Where are you?” His voice was low but annoyed, he sounded like breathing heavy.

“Harry I’m okay, that’s what matt-“ “What the fuck are you doing!” Niall’s voice shocked me as he stood in front of me. I was about to talk but he took my phone from my hand and smashed the screen as it hit the floor.

Harshly he took me by my arm and yanked me with him outside to his car. He pushed me in the car and went on the other side and got in. He started the engine and pressed hard on the speed. His actions shows how mad he is. This night will defiantly be remembered.  

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