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Anna-Belle is not exactly the girl you would call, innocent. Nobody knows to her little secret. Anna-Belle works for a firm where, guys from the age 18 to 30 can buy sex. Her job, is to pleasure him if they chose her. Besides her dirty secret, she parties a lot and works at a bakery with her best friend Harry. Anna-Belle ran away from home at the age of 14, she is now 17.

One day her boss calls her, she got a buyer. This guy is special, he is rich. Normally they buy the girls for a night, he bought her for a week. Niall Horan was his name.


1. Mysterious


The alarm of my phone made my eyelids flash open. Pressing the off button on my phone getting out of bed. 5 am. As usual i take my pj's of and walk out to the bathroom. I look myself in the mirror, pretty happy with the view. I have begun training the past weeks and it have payed off. In my business you have to look good, all the time. If you got a buyer then you don't have time to shave, you need to be fit or they will complain to my boss. I turn on the water and let it clean my body. After washing my hair and shaving, i step out of the cabin and wrap the towel around my body. I pick out my outfit - . Many people will maybe say it's too sexy for a day at work, but not in my business. I need to look sexy and classy all the time, or else my buyer will complain to my boss and i will get fired. '

I hurry downstairs and grabs an apple and a water bottle before leaving. Turning the engine on my Audi and driving off to the centre of Cheshire city. It's raining of course. Typical England weather. My job pays me a lot of money that's why i am driving an Audi and wearing expensive clothes. I have to look like this, but i don't complain.

The light turns green and i drive around the corner and parks my car in front of the local bakery. Getting out in the rain, i run in to not ruin my skirt.

"You're late" is the first thing i hear as i step inside, the voice of my annoying boss. Ugh, what a bitch.

I take a croissant and walks out in the back. Places my bag in my locker and puts on my uniform. I go out to Harry and begins to warm some bread rolls. "What's up kiddo?" he playfully slaps my arm. We laugh and starts joking around.

Normally it's quite in the bakery at weekends, but this guy caught my attention. I quickly made myself available. He pointed at some different bread rolls and i put them down in the bag. He didn't say a word. He kept the eye contact through it all.

"Anything else?" I asked not breaking the eye contact, he shock his head no. His eyes is ice cold blue. His dirty blond hair is wet, i turned around to see it's raining. I caught him checking me out, but not the usual way guys do it. No he checked every move i do, but also  my body, my hair, my face, just everything. As if in i am good enough.

"It will be 9.99 dollars sir" i say as i close the bag. He hands me the money and i give him the bag. As he takes the bag filled with bread, our fingers touch in a split second. Electricity sent through my body. He walks away but before he closes his car door, he take one last glare at me. He is mysterious and i find myself wanting to know more about him. I notice he is driving a Lamborghini, mm so he is rich.

I walk out to the back of the bakery and sits down. This guy checked me out on a special way and he is so mysterious. He has this look in his eye, it's dark blue but so full of lust. He was wearing a suit, but looked quite young. Around 20 i would say. And he didn't say anything, which makes him even more mysterious.

"Here's your coffee" Harry places a cup in front of me, i thank him.

My thoughts are on a whole other level today, because of this customer. Instead of thinking about this mysterious guy, i decide to talk a bit to Harry, we normally talk a lot but i am not myself today.

"So how did your date go last Sunday?" i ask him being curios about his date with this horrible red haired and tattooed girl. 

"She wasn't really my type" he admits. I start laughing, because i knew she wasn't from the very beginning. Everybody knew.

"Really? I would never have quested that" He starts laughing with me. We both takes a sip of our coffee before going back to work.

~Later that day~

I go to the back of the bakery to collect my stuff and get rid of this stupid uniform. It still rains so i cover my head with my jacket as i run to my car. Before i drive i wave to Harry, who is smoking outside as usual. He waves back.

I get home and dumps down on the couch to relax before my boss will call me about my buyer. Unfortunately it doesn't last long time, before i receive a call from her.

"Sweet heart i have to do this quick because your buyer is impatient, so you need to hurry out to this address i send you okay?" she starts talking to fast but i understands it luckily. 

"Okay, how is he?" i ask, to know what to bring.

"Well, he bought 100.000 dollars for a whole weekend with you, so he is rich and you better hurry your ass" and then she hangs up. I am speechless. Literally. 100.000 DOLLARS?! 

I decide to go packing a few things before i receive a message from my boss. It says the address and time. 8 PM. Oh god, that's in 30 minutes. I quickly put the last things in my bag. I need different types of clothes, to please him. I don't know his type.

As i sit in my car i check the GPS with the address and it says 15 minutes away from here. Okay, good i have that time exactly. It starts raining more as i am half way to his house. This is great, my clothes will be ruined when he sees me. Maybe it will start with a slap. 

I arrive at a huge white palace and my mouth drops. He lives like Obama jesus. i can easily get lost in this house. This is why he payed so much, he is fucking rich. I slowly walk up to his door, feeling more and more nervous as the seconds goes by. I knock and hear steps coming. When the door opens i got shocked, it's him. It's the guy from the bakery. That's why he checked me out like that. But how does he know where i work? 

He takes a look around as if checking if someone is looking at us, then pushes me inside. Still he hasn't said anything yet. I take a deep breath as i look around, two big staircases and a huge living room on my left and on my right a big kitchen.

"Follow me" Irish. I recognize his accent straight away. Sexy, i like it. 

He walks up the stairs and i follow him, down some hallways and he stops at a room. He takes a key from his pocket and unlocks the door. He lets me step inside and again i am mesmerized. A huge room, with a balcony, a bathroom and even a walk in closet. Just every girl's dream.

I turn around but sees he is gone. The door is locked. Strange. This will be a weekend to remember forever.



I'm really sorry if the first chapter is shit, i wrote it but movellas deleted it so i had to write it again. I hope you enjoyed it anways, give it a thumbs up or a fav. New chapters coming soon, i promise i will finish this book. See you in the next chapter of DADDY.. xx

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