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Anna-Belle is not exactly the girl you would call, innocent. Nobody knows to her little secret. Anna-Belle works for a firm where, guys from the age 18 to 30 can buy sex. Her job, is to pleasure him if they chose her. Besides her dirty secret, she parties a lot and works at a bakery with her best friend Harry. Anna-Belle ran away from home at the age of 14, she is now 17.

One day her boss calls her, she got a buyer. This guy is special, he is rich. Normally they buy the girls for a night, he bought her for a week. Niall Horan was his name.


3. I get what i want

Last night was still blurred in my memory, but some glimpse came to me. His ice cold blue eyes staring at me from above, his mad expression written all over his face. His hard grip on my wrists. His heavy body on top of mine. The atmosphere being cold and hatred.


“You do as I say, got it?” he yelled in my face, gripping harder on my wrists. I winched in pain and closed my eyes. Not wanting to look into his hypnotizing blue eyes. He can manipulate with me so easy.

“Y-you’re hurting me” I breathed.

“Open your eyes slave!” He yelled again, closer to my face. His grip got so hard, I could barely feel my hands, for not getting any blood. I opened my eyes to see his eyes, staring into my soul.

A warmth spread out on my cheekbone, he slapped me. I looked horrified and pleading at him so he would stop. I don’t know if it worked or if he was just done with me, because he left. He let go of my wrists and got up and walked away. Around the corner into the kitchen. I looked at my wrists, purple and cold.

*End of flashback*

A disgust got over my body and I shivered at the thought of him. I am just his slave, he’s in charge. Learn it Anna, he will always treat you like that! I looked down at myself in the reflection of the mirror. I lost weight while being here, for two days. He always locks me in this room and gives me one hour to do what I want, in the house. It’s like being in prison. My pale skinny body, didn’t even look sexy that much anymore, just normal. My face got pale too, my hair looks like I didn’t shower for weeks. But I did, yesterday. The climax in my room, it’s too hot so it makes me sweat.

Knock, knock…

I went to open the door, knowing I would be greeted by these cold hearted blue eyes. As I opened his eyes starred right into mine. It’s like he is trying to read my mind. Figuring out what I’m thinking. His hand was cold as it touched mine, he took my hand in his, admiring me. He smiled lightly, was that a real smile?

“C’mon darling,” his husky voice hit me like a truck. He had this control over me, making me do everything he wanted.

He leaded me down the stairs and out in the living room. He slowly and calm sat down on the table, while placing me on the couch. He looked at me and seemed like he was thinking about how to speak.

“Listen Anna-Belle, today we are going to this auction so I can buy you. I don’t want to buy you for only nights at your job, I need to buy you like this. Forever,” he explained. As his words left his mouth, mine dropped an inch more. He is going to buy me forever.

I can’t let him buy me forever, what about Harry... He will go crazy and start an investigation to find me.

“I can’t let you do that, just finish me now and-“ he interrupted me “No sweet cheeks, I have you until midnight and I will show you I can get what I want.” He smirked down at me and slowly leaned in. He grabbed my face hard with both hands, hard. His lips was pressing so forcefully against mine as he slipped his tongue in. He got up for the table and got on top of me. I could feel his boner against my leg, somehow I found myself wanting him…  



Cliffhanger! uhh.. Sorry for the short chapter guys, but i just didn't have time and it's been long since i last updated. I hope it's okay. See ya loves x

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