When You Can't Handle It

You know those days you wake up and automatically get that feeling that you just won't be able to get through the day. You get up and go through your routine and so much is on your mind that you just can't handle. You feel like the world is ignoring you. You are invisible. You just don't know what to do so you cry. You cry and cry and you can't stop. You find yourself falling asleep. You want to let go but you don't want to be a disappointment. Well, here are some quotes that can relate to you, and build you up. You can do it. Hold your head up. You have a lot of people who love you. You got this.


10. Those Guys That Hurt Too

   You know, girls are not the only one that cry at night. That want to end their lives because they feel as if the do not belong. Boys cut too. Boys cry and can't go to sleep. They can't stop thinking about that one person who broke their heart but somehow, they still love them. 

~ Guys feel pain too

Guys cut

Guys burn

Guys starve

Guys cry

Guys hurt

Just as much as girls~ 



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