Michael and Music stores

Can she deal with the pressure of dating him? Or will she crumble?


1. New begginings

I'd finally done it. Left him. After two years of constant abuse from my husband I was moving to Australia. A fresh start. I had an apartment and a job lined up, I was going to work in a music studio giving guitar lessons.

I had been working at the music store for a week when I first met him. I hasn't noticed him standing behind me watching me play All Star on an acoustic guitar. He cleared his throat.

"Hi. I'm Evan, Evan Pierce."

"Hi Evan, I'm Jo, Can I help you?"

"Listen, I'm a music producer and we're short one guitarist for a show tonight- how would you like to fill in?"

And that's how it started.

I was working a few shows a week for Evan and working part time giving guitar lessons at the store. I had enough cash to get a bigger apartment, I had made a few friends ( other musicians from Evan's shows) and I was finally free of my ex husband. Life was good.

And then I met Michael Clifford.

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