Love like war

You know the thing


3. Scene 3

Liam and Alexis walk towards James’s house, Jacob and Natasha are already there. Loud music is heard as they walk up the few steps and ring the doorbell, not one answers.

Alexis: They can’t hear the bell can they?

Liam: Probably not.

Alexis opens the fly screen and bangs on the door. Still no one answers.

Alexis: bangs on door again JAMES! JAMES!

Footsteps heard running and the door opens.

Alexis: About time James.

James: Sorry, we couldn’t hear you.

Alexis: you’re going to ruin your bloody hearing.

James: it’s worth it.

Liam: Just let us in.

James: Welcome to my humble abode. Letting them in

Alexis: You’re weird as shit.

James: As true as that is I still have a better music taste than you.

Alexis: We like the same music dude.

James: Think what you will

James opens the door to his room, inside are Jacob, Natasha, Ruth and Ashly.

Ruth: Hey, what’s up guys?

Liam: The music volume apparently.

Ashley: What?

Alexis walks towards James’s speakers and turns them down so they can hear each other talking.

Alexis: Are you fucking deaf James?

James: what?

Alexis: I will f**k you up, smart ass.

Ashley: Do you expect something else?

Natasha: She’s trying to see the best in him.

Alexis: No, I really wasn’t.

Natasha: You should.

Alexis: The problem is James turn the music up slowly and Alexis increases her voice. James is just one of the people that, turns to James You are a grade-A dick!

James: yelling SORRY, CAN’T HEAR YOU.

Alexis: YOU ARE A MASSIVE The rest of her sentence is unheard and she mouths profanity. (Lots)

Natasha turns the music down to a volume at what they can talk.

Natasha: I didn’t heard that but I’m going to guess you shouldn’t say that.

Alexis: Words can never hurt you.

Natasha: Well, actually som-(etimes, words can hurt you)

Alexis: IT was a joke.

Ashley: isn’t everything?

Alexis: Ding, Ding, Ding we have a winner.

Ashley: do I get a prize?

Alexis: My everlasting affection. Questioning

Ashley: Non one gets that.

Liam: I might.

James: Keep dreaming.

Liam: At least I’ve got a date.

James: With who?

Liam: Hesitates Uhh Alexis as if it’s obvious

James: Bulls**t.

Alexis: Do you think there’s something inherently un-dateable about me?

James: You’re kidding! You don’t date, you hate that stuff.

Alexis: For your information I am excellent at going on dates, I hope.

Jacob: Spoiler alert, she’s not.

Alexis: Turns to Jacob. How would you know?

Jacob: You didn’t tell them?

Alexis: Stop f**king around.

Jacob: So you didn’t tell them?

Liam: Can one of you explain?

Alexis: he’s messing with you.

Liam: You sure?

Alexis: 1,000%

Ruth: and here I was thinking you got an A in maths.

Alexis: Shut it Ruth, no girl in their right mind would date Jacob.

Natasha: That’s not very ni- actually I don’t mind this time.

Jacob: Anyone gonna disagree? A few seconds silent REALLY! Thanks guys, nice to know you appreciate me. Sarcastically.

Alexis: You’re welcome. Over joyful + sarcastic

Jacob: Fake cough B**ch.

Alexis: Fake cough D**k.

Ruth: Sighs this could be a while.

Alexis: No it won’t. I’M looks pointedly at Jacob mature.

Jacob: well actually-

James: Shut it both of you. As you know I called you all here for a very special reason.

Ashley: Yeah, we finished school.

James: well yes, but there is a much greater reason. I, DRAMATIC PAUSE was bored.

Alexis: bored tone alert the news

James: no, I’m kidding. I actually have amazing news our band gestures to himself and Liam, The Antidote for Civilization, we were asked to play at The Music Effect!

Ashley: HOLY S**T THAT’S AMAZING hugs James.

Alexis: One I hate you my band can’t get a gig anywhere, two CONGRATZ hugs Liam

Alexis: Turns to James, glares, See, I can be affectionate

Jacob: Nice job

Liam: It’s going to be awesome

Natasha: Isn’t that that emo music festival?

Alexis and James: IT’S CALLED PUNK.

Natasha: Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Alexis groans at her ‘stupidity’ and Liam laughs at Alexis.

Jacob: How’d you get the gig?

James: We played a small ish gig then a bigger one and then a guy asked us to an awesome one and one of the guys there is an organiser at The Music Effect heard and asked us to play!.

Alexis: That’s kind of awesome.

James: Kind of?

Alexis: Okay incredibly, I smell big things for the Antidote for Civilization.

James: That’s probably Liam’s socks.

Liam: Oi!


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