Love like war

You know the thing


2. Scene 2

Scene II

Jacob and Natasha have gone in Jacob’s car to James’s house and Liam and Alexis are catching the bus. Alexis Hails the bus and they get on both scanning their cards. They sit towards the back of the bus and are quiet for a while.

Alexis: When are you going to... I mean when are we, what day do you want to have our, thing with the, you know.

Liam: Date?

Alexis: That’s the word. When?

Liam: Do you have plans this Tuesday night?

Alexis: I don’t have plans for this Tuesday or any Tuesday for the rest of my life.

Liam: How about I pick you up at 5:30?

Alexis: Sounds good, where are we going?

Liam: It’ll be a surprise.

Alexis: **quietly** oh Jesus.

Liam: What was that?

Alexis: Nothing. **smiles**


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