Love like war

You know the thing


1. scene 1

Liam, Alexi, Natasha and Jacob just finished year 12. Their last day just finished and they are at the beach sitting as a group talking, they aren’t in uniform and they each have small bags (not school bags) near them.

Jacob: Thank f**k that’s over!

Natasha: language!

Alexis: Chill out Tash you’re not at school anymore.

Natasha: that doesn’t mean you can’t use interesting words anymore just because we finished.

Liam: Just settle down guys, Alex is right we’ve finally finished school.

Jacob: you always think she’s right.

Liam: she usually is.

Alexis: I usually am.

They all laugh lightly. Jacob’s phone rings and he answers it.

Jacob: Hey James. Covers phone Guys it’s James.

Alexis: Not shit Sherlock

Jacob: Where? Who’s gonna be there? What time? Sure Alexis, Liam, Tash and I will be there.

Natasha: Where will we be?

Jacob: James places. He, Ruth and ash was us to come over to celebrate the end of year.

Liam: Ash as in Ashley or Ashton?

Jacob: Ley

Alexis: Oh Great, we just finished year 12 and are we going out drinking? Partying? No, we’re hanging out with people from school at James’s house Yay.

Jacob: fine, where do you want to go?

Alexis: I don’t know, let’s go to the city and we’ll figure it out.

Natasha: I’d rather go to James’s.

Alexis: We just finished school, we should do something fun.

Natasha: But-

Alexis: fine! We’ll go to James’s.

Jacob: yeah, but not until eight.

Liam: Okay, we’re Looking at Alex gonna get drinks.

Jacob: All round?

Liam: whatever Shrugging

Alexis: Sure.

Alexis and Liam get up and walk towards a small shop and order drinks. Alexis is checking her phone.

Liam: To the shop person four iced teas. To Alexis I wanted to talk to you about something.

Alexis: Puts phone away Shoot.

Shop keeper passes them the drinks and they take two each.

Liam: To shop keeper Thanks

The two of them begin to walk back to their friends.

Liam: We’ve been friends for a while right?

Alexis: Give or take, yeah.

Liam: and you’re pretty awesome.

Alexis: I know that, your point?

Liam: My point is I really like you.

Alexis: I know, everyone does, it there a point?

Liam: I mean I like you more than them, more than a friend and I was wondering if you would consider going on a date with me?

Alexis: Stops walking wait, what?

Liam Stops and walks back to her, puts a hand on her back and gets her to keep walking.

Liam: I want to know if you’ll go on a date with me.

Alexis: But I’m me, you’re you. You like cute cards and roses and I like guns and roses.

Liam: One date, no pressure.

There are about to re-join the group.

Alexis: Ah, what the hell, why not?

Jacob: Why not what?

Alexis: Why not kill you in your sleep.

Alexis and Liam sit down and pass the drinks out.

Natasha: Alexis, you shouldn’t-

Alexis: Cutting her off say that to my friends, yeah, yeah. I know.

Jacob: Well since we aren’t going to James’s places for a while what do you want to do?

Natasha: we could go swimming.

Jacob: Yeah, let’s jump of the jetty.

Natasha: NO, you’re not allowed to.

Jacob: So what?

Natasha: We’ll get in trouble.

Jacob: Nobody’s ever gotten in trouble.

Natasha: Louder. That doesn’t make it okay!

Jacob: Exasperated FINE! We won’t jump off, let’s just go swimming.

Alexis: Cool, we’ll go get changed and meet back here.

Alexis and Natasha leave carrying their bags and Jacob and Liam talk. They both take of their shirts leaving them in board shorts.

Jacob: Did you do it?

Liam: Do what?

Jacob: Her.

Liam: Yeah-wait what?

Jacob: You know what I mean, ask Alex out.

Liam: Oh yeah, I did that Smiling

Jacob: Mumbling ahh, what do I say, mmm, oh yeah Talking out loud again I’m sorry, other fish, not good enough for you, beer and strippers.

Liam: Sarcastically. You’re so nice.

Jacob: I know.

Liam: She said yes.

Jacob: And I thought she was smart.

Liam: She is.

Jacob: She’s not that smart.

Natasha and Alexis walk up behind them wearing bathers.

Alexis: Who’s not that smart?

Liam: no one – Jacob: you Same time

Alexis raises an eyebrow at them, and her and Natasha put their bags down, the guys put their stuff down and the walk towards the water.

Natasha: You first.

Alexis: No, you first I insist.

Natasha: Liam, you first.

Liam: no way in hell.

Jacob: Toughen up Liam.

Liam: Why don’t you?

Jacob: I want you to have a chance to look manly.

Liam: Nah, I’m good. You go.

Jacob: nah you.

Liam: I will make you.

Jacob: Bring it.

The begin to play fight trying to push each other in the water slowing becoming deeper and the two girl are laughing at them slowing walking into the water. The boys soon push each other under and once the girls are up to their waists before diving in.

Alexis: Wow, it actually not that cold.

Jacob: Flirtatious ready, be prepared to fall in love ladies. Winks

Alexis scoffs. Jacob ducks underwater and comes up with his hair from his face back flinging water at Alexis’s face.

Alexis: wiping eyes f**k you.

Natasha: Language.

Jacob: Yeah, bloody hell Alex watch your f**king language.

Natasha: JACOB!

Alexis: yeah Jacob, mind your language.

Jacob: You are a massive hypocrite.

Alexis: I know

Liam: You guys are kinda really confusing.

Alexis: No shit Sherlock.

Jacob and Liam start chasing each other around and dunking each other. Alexis and Natasha start talking.

Alexis: I can’t believe I agreed to go on a date with an idiot.

Natasha: Wait what?! You’re going to Date Jacob!?

Alexis: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. LIAM! NOT Jacob, never Jacob.

Natasha: since when?

Alexis: Since he asked me to when we went to get drinks.

Natasha: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it.

Alexis: What’s not to believe? I’m awesome.

Natasha: You say that a lot but you don’t tend to get dates very often.

Alexis: Guys don’t like girls who are manlier than them.

Natasha: Good point.

Jacob and Liam swim up behind the girls underwater, Jacob behind Natasha and Liam behind Alexis. The boys grab the girls around their knees, the stand-up making the girls fall over their shoulders and into to ocean. The boys laugh while the girls try and stand up.

Alexis: Liam, I will f**k you up.

Jacob: I thought you were just dating not f**king yet.

Alexis: F**k you.

Natasha: Mumbles language.

Jacob: In your dreams Alex.

Alexis: Only if it was a nightmare.

Liam: Can you not talk about f**king each other?

Jacob: Jealous much?

Liam: No I just… uh… it’s weird.

Natasha: plus you aren’t married so you can’t.

Jacob: Flirtatious If you stopped being so innocent for a while I’ll prove-

Alexis: Shut it Jacob.

Jacob: make me.

Alexis dives under water and pulls Jacobs legs out from under him making him fall under.

Jacob: To Liam Sure you wanna date that bitch?

Liam: absolutely sure.

Alexis: is no one going to deny that I’m a bitch.

Natasha and Liam: Yes – Jacob: no

Alexis: Muttering Good friends you are.


Alexis: I’m bored, lets race.

Liam: Where to?

Alexis: end of the jetty and back.

Liam: cool, Natasha or Jacob one of you race the other tell us who wins.

Jacob: I’ll stay.

Natasha: Fine I’ll race, but I won’t beat Alex.

Alexis: That’s the idea.

Jacob: okay, Ready, set, GO.

Camera follows the swimmers the swim, pretty equally, to the end on the jetty and turn around when the get back Jacob is gone.

Natasha: Where’s Jacob?

Liam: I doesn’t matter, we all know I won.

Alexis: fake sneezes Sorry, I’m allergic to bulls**t

Liam: You think you won?

Alexis: of course I did, I’m much better than you.

Liam: You’re so modest.

Alexis: I know.

Liam and Natasha sake their head at Alexis

Alexis: I’m cold. I need to get change.

Natasha: Sounds like a good idea to me.

Liam: Yeah, we’ll find Jacob to.

The three of them walk up to the beach wrapping their arms around themselves to try and keep warm.

Alexis: where are our bags and towels?

Natasha: They were, here.

Liam: Well they’re not now!

Jacob walks back to meet them, dry clothes, hair slightly wet.

Jacob: you seem to be missing something.

Alexis: F**k you Jacob. Where’s our stuff?

Jacob: The find it you’ll have to decipher a series of clues.

Liam: Give us our s**t back!

Jacob: As I was saying, you’ll need to-

Alexis: Jacob, I swear to god!

Jacob: you guys are no fun.

Natasha: We’re cold, give us our stuff.

Jacob: You might need Liam to get it for you.

Alexis: Did you put our clothes in the guys toilet?

Jacob: only because you wouldn’t find it there.

Natasha: That’s gross.

Alexis: Can you get our stuff for us Liam?

Liam: Sure.

Natasha: Hurry up, I’m cold.

Alexis: I’m freezing my ass off.

Liam: yeah, yeah, I’m going.

Liam goes to get their stuff.

Natasha: No offence but that was mean.

Alexis: All possible offence, you’re a dick head.

Jacob: Sarcastically Someone’s in a good mood.

Alexis: Sarcastically it must be your glittering personality rubbing off on me

Liam returns with his towel around him, and gives the girls their stuff. They both wrap their towels around themselves.

Natasha: I’m going to get changed.

Alexis: Same.

Liam: Me too.

Jacob: I’m so organized I already have.

Alexis glairs at him and they walk off carrying their bags and leaving Jacob there.


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