Lovers and Schemers

Lara has everything: the internship at Syco Records, her two best friends Pete and Joey and a blooming romance with Harry Styles spending the summer in London. But will they survive once the relationship goes public? And does she really want to live in a glitter world to give up her dream of becoming a songwriter?


1. Discussions

Lara really, really, really was not a morning person. Even though she felt her life was too perfect to be true right now, she just needed a coffee before she could function and luckily so did Harry. So she slipped out of bed careful not to wake up the tuft of wavy brown hair that was Harry and threw over a simple blue dress not paying attention to her long blond hair being a bit messy and the smudged black eyeliner from yesterday's party.


As she walked to the kitchen she heard the familiar voices of Joey and Pete, her fellow interns at Syco records. Joey was an insanely gifted tech freak and a bit of a tomboy even though she would easily qualify as a model with her tall and slim silhouette and her big brown eyes and full lips. Pete on the other hand was a born promoter and people person that loved to share stuff on social media and his bare chest in their kitchen.

They shared an apartment over the summer interning and living together. It was a super cool industrial loft in the middle of Shoreditch they only got because the label had to buy it for some now-faded starlet and subsequently decided to use for other pop stars. However, since they all hung out in St. Tropez or Ibiza during the summer provoking new scandals the apartment was free and they could use it.

"Morning!" Lara grumbled.

"I cannot believe you brought Harry home again!" Joey started right away, "people will find out soon and honestly, it will be hell for you. You will always be a sidekick and never be able to make it as a songwriter without people thinking it was because of him".


"Grrrrr" was all she got from Lara sipping on a large mug of strong black coffee


"I am with Joey on that one", said Pete. "The celebrity world just is not ours. We are the people behind the scenes. Not some casting marionette"


"Oh now you are being unfair", Joey surprisingly defended her.


"Listen. I think this is pretty much my decision and Harry is a really decent person and we are in love!" Lara replied. She was so fed up with this ongoing discussion about whether or not she should give this relationship a real chance by admitting it publicly or treating it as a summer fling.


"Oh come on kiddo, you should really know that you will never be able to keep up the jet set life. Its just not you. You belong to someone like me, a normal person", Charlie sad entering the kitchen. He was the fourth intern and a former model, so not exactly normal.


"This is my clue" Lara said and left. She just could not stand Charlie. He was insanely gorgeous with his blonde hair and freckles and this perfect white smile and those blue eyes you just wanted to get lost in. Nonetheless, he was basically a man-whore and that kind of ruined his perfect surfer boy look.


"I might agree with you on this one" Pete said, "I am just worried Lara will get hurt"

"Joey, I don't like it either but its honestly her decision" Joey replied "We just have to let her make her own mistakes"

"And then stock some Ben & Jerry's in case something goes wrong?" Pete looked at her sceptically. 

"Something like that" Joey smiled and they both knew the discussion was over. Pete knew Joey almost his entire life and knew she would always be there for her friends but as much as she hated anyone judging her not being the Barbie-girl everyone expected, she hated to judge anyone else.


Back in her room, Lara and Harry were already past the coffee and just stayed in bed for five precious more minutes before the daily dose of chaos could get to them.


"I love you, you know" Harry smiled. The look in his eyes gave away how serious he was. He pushed her hair behind her ear as she was looking at him, trying to figure out what to say. Then he kissed her and time stopped again and all her doubts were blown away. 

"I have to go" she mumbled, trying to control the tears. This was just all too much. She worked all her life to be here to use that internship to become a proper songwriter, not to have a fling with the most famous person she could imagine.

He tried to kiss her again but she slipped away, leaving him wondering what went wrong. Harry did not know what to do, usually girls went crazy for him, but Lara was different. She was a down-to-earth yet crazy, beautiful but not vain and the funniest girl he ever met. All he wanted to to do was hold her and it was so frustrating, that she would not let him. He pulled the pillow that still smelled of her over his head and screamed before he snuck out



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