Ashely never thought she meet someone so perfect. Someone so amazing. The day it changed was the day she met Luke! They had an instant connection! But never did she know the adventure would in tend to be this crazy! ⚓️⚓️✖️❤️


1. Prologue


Ashley: 13

Luke: 14

Calum: 14

Michael: 14

Ashton: 15 almost 16

It was just another ordinary day for Ashley. She got out of bed at 6:00 in the morning. She got dress. Did her hair and makeup and went to go wait for the bus. Listening to music while she was walking to the bus stop. She saw a boy. A cute boy. He had blonde hair . He was wearing a Nirvana shirt ( which was her favorite band) and some black skinny jeans with a few bracelets. Also his hair was kinda down in his face. He looked about her age!

He started walking to Her bus stop. And she paused for a minute. She finally stopped staring and pulled her eyes from him. As he got to were she was standing, he tapped her on the shoulder. He said "hey is this were bus 4 picks us up?" She smiled and said "yes!" "You have a very beautiful smile" he said. "Awwhhh thank you." She replied.

They both sat there in silence with what felt like 5 minutes. The bus arrived and they both got on it.

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