Ashely never thought she meet someone so perfect. Someone so amazing. The day it changed was the day she met Luke! They had an instant connection! But never did she know the adventure would in tend to be this crazy! ⚓️⚓️✖️❤️


2. Chapter 1:

As the bus was driving off, Ashley was walking back to her seat; the one she say alone in. The guy from the bus stop followed her and when they both got to the seat Ashley sat down looking out the window. The blonde hair boy asked "is this seat taken." "No. Not at all. I'm a loner." She said . "Can I sit here then?" Ashley smiled and said "yes!" He sat down and asked "what's your name?" "My name is Ashley. What about yours ?" "Oh I'm Luke." He said.

When they got to school everyone got off the bus and Ashley was one of the last 4 people to get off. Luke was standing outside the bus waiting for her. As she stepped off the last step of the stairs in the bus she smiled one huge smile. He smiled back. "So are we like friends now?" Ashley said while laughing. "I guess so. We'll at least until one if catch feelings. And I'm basically there. So yes but not for long." Luke said. "Oh you already have our future planned? That's interesting." She said.

They started walking to the doors of the school. Luke started running up to the door to open it for Ashley. She smiled and said "awh a gentle men. I'll take you the office so you can get ur schedule." He smiled and nodded.

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