City Lights

Ashlee Quinn, the beloved daughter of Kellin Quinn. Ashlee was your normal girl: good grades, shy, some friends. But she doesn't have a boyfriend; Kellin's grateful for that. But when Ashlee is touring with her dad and uncles around the world, she meets Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Kellin believes Michael will break Ashlee's heart, but Ashlee thinks differently.


1. Prologue

I open my window to see Michael standing on the ground, with his goofy smile. He opens his arms, letting me know, he'll catch me. I climb out of the window and jump. Fortunately, Michael caught me in time. Michael kisses me before walking to his car. Before Michael is able to start the car, Kellin is knocking on my window.

"Shit." Michael mumbles. "So close."

"Get out of the car, Ashlee." Kellin demands.

I roll my eyes, kiss Michael goodbye, and get out of the car. Kellin guides me to the front door and opens the door. I see Katelynn, Kellin's wife, standing there with her arms crossed and disapproving look on her face. Katelynn's nice, but sometimes she'll try to be my mom; she's not. I walk upstairs to my room and slam the door, locking it behind me. I look out the window, to see Mikey's gone. I crawl back into my bed and try to go back to sleep.

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