Behind The Scenes

Hayden Blake is 17. She's been an agent for multiple years, beginning once she got out of witness protection.


2. 2

I never quite fit in the way I should. The 'cool and popular' kids always just assume that I'm not because I'm awkward or just. . . Different, and the 'nerd' kids always assume that I'm too 'cool' to be around them because I don't look like them but, I've not failed and I always find a way into any crowd.

It's simple with the the popular groups because I simply hold a rager, that I am legally allowed to have, perks of my job, and have a little alcohol and what not, the following week, I get anything I want out of those foolish suckers. The 'nerds' are harder to get in with. A couple of times I tried to use my looks. . . It kinda worked. I would twirl my hair with my fingers, open my eyes wide, tilt my head slightly to the left and ask for help with my homework. They'd agree, hopefully,  then I'd invite them over after school and, having done my research on them, have their favourite hobbies sitting in my house to interest them. Hopefully then they go and tell the rest of their group that I'm 'good enough'. Either way, I've been able to figure it out.

I like to be different. I have my hair 'odd' colours and have a different fashion sense to most of the kids at most of the schools I've attended. Today is the first day I will be attending the school. I, somehow, managed to get Ryan's parents to offer me a ride to school with Ryan until I was able to get my own ride. I went over and introduced myself, saying that my parents were away a lot, you know, because they don't exist and I'm living there alone, and asking if it was okay if on occasion I could talk to them or whatnot. They invited me over for dinner tonight and said that Ryan would drive me. I do plan on getting my own ride soon but. . . I have to convince my boss that it's a good idea. At the moment, he's pretty impressed with idea of me riding with Ryan.

I pulled myself out of my bed and plugged my phone into my dock in the bathroom. I switched it on and turned it right up. I showered quickly, using my favourite body wash and shampoo and conditioner. I stepped out in my towel, swaying to the music as I walked back into my bedroom. Walking into my walk in wardrobe I started to actually think about what I could wear. Finally, after trying on multiple outfits, I settled on something quite simple. My Pink Queen skeleton print tank top, Frame Denim ripped skinnys and white Converse Chuck Taylor's. I put on my infinity, love, breast cancer charm bracelets and a ring I had bought myself after my first job, a diamond accented heart/infinity ring.

I bounced over to my dresser, a jump in my step as I was always excited to be at a new school. I sat in front if it, my makeup spread all over. I was lucky enough that my acne from a few years ago had cleared and my scars were gone. I focused my attention onto my eyes, applying eyeliner and flicking it out at the end. I applied a generous amount of slightly pink tinted lipgloss onto my lips then turned on my straightening iron. Although this might seem sad, from dying my hair and straightening it so often I have mostly straightened it but I usually touch it up every so often.

Finally, I looked myself over in the mirror and deciding that I couldn't make myself look any better, I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I looked on the counter to see a bunch of breakfast cereals I had bought. I scrunched up my face at them and opened up the fridge and grabbed out two dare iced coffees. I put one into my backpack and opened one up, taking a rather large sip. I pretty much lived off these, other than dinner and a cookie here and there.

I flung my bag over my shoulder and walked over to Ryan's house. I was a little earlier and wad glad to see both Ryan's car and motorbike in the driveway still. I knocked on the door, playing with the hem of my shirt. Eventually, Mrs West opened up the door.

"Hayden! You're here. We're just having breakfast. Would you like some?" I began to shake my head. "We're having pancakes?" She offered. That was a game changer.

 "That would be amazing, Mrs West," I said, a smile growing on my face.

Mrs West moved to the side and let me into the house. I followed her to the kitchen and saw Ryan and Mr West sitting at the table with a huge stack of choc chip pancakes in front of them, they were munching away, not paying much attention and playing on their tablets as they ate.

"We have a guest!" Mrs West said gleefully.

I saw both the men look up. Mr West offered me a smile and a good morning before going back to his tablet. Ryan, on the other hand, looked at me, made a face and groaned.

"Really, Mum?" he grumbled.

"Yes, Ryan. I would like you to make her feel welcome at school as well as here. You should know how difficult it is to change schools in the middle of the year so I would really enjoy it if you would show her around or at least be nice to her," Mrs West scolded. I heard him grunt a 'fine'. "Have a seat Hayden, I'll just make you some pancakes. How many would you like?" she said with a smile.

"Uhm, just one please, they are rather big," I said, taking another look at the huge stack of pacakes.


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