Behind The Scenes

Hayden Blake is 17. She's been an agent for multiple years, beginning once she got out of witness protection.


1. 1

It's hard to know what to do and what not to do. My boss isn't too specific, I mean, how could he be though? He's almost 40, he knows nothing about teenagers. My job has required a lot of trial and error. I'm good at what I do but getting the balance right is hard.

My name is Hayden Blake, I am an undercover agent. When I was 8, I was kidnapped, my parents were murdered as I had to sit by and watch. When I was 11, I escaped. I was small and snuck away somehow one night. I was put into witness protection until they found my kidnappers. When I was 13, I was contacted by The Service, they thought I could make a good agent and they needed someone they could use in high schools.

Until I was 16, I was trained in everything necessary and was caught up in schooling. Luckily, I'm not too slow at learning. During my first year as an official spy I completed 13 missions. My lucky number. My next mission? Ryan West.

Ryan West, a senior, a jock and possibly, the biggest and worst case I've ever had to take on. I'm enrolled at the same school as him, same classes and, somehow, I have been moved into house across from his. I'm not sure on the details of the case, as that's not my place, I am just supposed to keep an eye on him, keep track of when he is and isn't at school or at home, try and get to know him and maybe get him to spill some dirty secrets.

I guess one up side to my job, I get everything, like whatever I want. Newest phones, newest clothes and makeup, anything that'll help me fit in with the public or in the schools. I have to fit in with whatever group I have to, in this case, I'm going to probably have to be popular to catch the eye of Mr West. . . We'll see just how 'exclusive' he is.

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