The Way

"Why do you love me?" he asked
"I love the way, the way i love you"


1. Prologue

"Indigo Waters, how dare you disrespect me that way!" screeched the principal

I stay quiet knowing exactly whats happening

and it wasn't extremely easy to escape the situation either 

Doors locked, security cameras, and even worse, police officers at every door

I never knew why they have such high security

"Its not my fault that your school has the worst locker colors" I talk back

"Excuse me?" The principal said rudely

"Yes you heard me, not my fault, everyone loves it" I reply back

Yeah, I spray painted an entire wall with lockers beautiful art,

and the shitty retirement tan color chosen by the principal 

was making we wanna throw up in my mouth 


"Ok Indigo, you are officially suspended from school for a month" she said strictly 

"Boo, hoo Indigo I wonder what your foster parents will think" The principal said while making crying noises


"You have got some damn nerve Adison" I called her by her first name

"Im glad I dont have to put up with your bullshit for a month" I said 


I completely regretted saying that but, I ran to the locked doors and the security guard kept it shut but, I pushed with all my might


It still didn't work


Not knowing what to do I use the back door that no one bothers and

I escaped through that and once I was outside I went back in

on the other side andI rushed to my lock and put in my combo


I twirled it from right to left back to the right packed my bag and the security was

hunting me down calling my name and having their fake show off tazers


I grabbed my stuff and went back to my class where everyone was I said


"I wont be back for a month peeps, love ya!, No regrets!" i screamed loudly and ran out of the building not knowing what to do next.


Everyone is at school and its 1:30 PM

I wont go back to my 'home' because, they must have already called

up my 'parents' not so much

my parents are foster parents


I lost my mother in an elevator accident

and my father died when he went to Africa on a safari  tour and he got attacked by a lion


Getting suspended was like on a vacation

no work, no worries, and no drama 

I wish




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