The Way

"Why do you love me?" he asked
"I love the way, the way i love you"


2. Chapter 1 No Regrets


Chapter 1


So me

Little Indigo is in this huge world on her own

With a backpack and some money in my wallet

With no regrets

It will be awesome right?

I thought wrong


I was walking away from school and nothing special happened

a couple cars drove by and some people walking their dogs


With my backpack on my back it was starting to get heavier and heavier so I decided to run 

back to my home just to put my stuff away, I lived on the bottom floor

of my two story house so the window was low enough to reach

I always kept it open because its so hot in my house


 I put my stuff away and only kept the things I needed.

Like my wallet, snacks, etc.. and back on the road I go

I walked on the sidewalk, against a huge river, and large plains of rich green grass

I had no idea where I was, I wanted to call my My best friend was Michael, but there was no reception 

He was always there and we once tired to date, but it was just too awkward 

So we are back to just friends and it feels more natural 

I called the nearest taxi and they said they were 2 hours away, like did I really walk that far?

By the time I look at my clock its already 5 PM So ive been banned from school for a month about 4 hours ago

 4 independent short hours for sure.


On the side of the sidewalk I just sat down and played games on my phone until the taxi came

which actually took around 30 minutes.

The taxi driver rolled down the window and spoke sweetly

"You the one that called?" He asked

"Um, Yeah Thanks for actually coming"? I said, without realizing how mean that sounded

"Im sorry if that sounded rude, it didn't sound rude in my head" I apologized 

"Nah, its fine, just get in" He said like it was no big deal

"Where to?" He asked

"Anywhere with shelter and some food" I asked laughing in the end

"Oh course" He laughed

He started to drive away along this long highway, while the taxi driver was going down the road

I wanted to know more about him

"Im Indigo by the way" I said and smiled

"Nice to meet you Indigo" He chuckled

There was an awkward silence and I was waiting for him to say his name too

"And your name?" I finally said

"Oh sorry, Its Niall" He spoke sweetly

Niall was a cool name, I wonder what it stands for

Maybe extremely hot

Well maybe not

But this Niall



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