Carry on my Wayward Rent

Sam and Dean have always been aware of the secrets of their apartment building ever since their mother was murdered. Sam tried to leave it all behind, but not even he can escape the hidden world of evicted tenants and illegal pets terrorizing the building.


1. Prologue

Mary Winchester smiled at the six month old child in her arms. It warmed her heart to see her eldest son follow her into the infant's room to see his brother before they both went to bed. Yes, this is the life she had wanted. Just her and her family in their apartment, no evicted tenants or illegal pets to worry about. Even if John was running off so often nowadays...

Mary shook her head. No, now was not the time to even think about that, little alone worry about if he'd come back next time.

John came up behind her, smiling at their son. He even smiled at her when she laid the child down to sleep. She internally sighed out of relief. Their arguments were forgotten for now.

"Good night, Sammy," Dean said to his brother before leaving for his bed as well. John went to tuck him in. Already, little Sammy was asleep and Mary left the room as well, pausing at the door. Something was nagging at the back of her mind, almost as if she was forgetting something...

Once again, Mary cleared her thoughts. It was probably just old instinct telling her to grab Sammy and run as fast as she could to anywhere but here. After all, nothing from her past could return to ruin their life now.

Not even the long-forgotten deal that made it all possible.

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