Carry on my Wayward Rent

Sam and Dean have always been aware of the secrets of their apartment building ever since their mother was murdered. Sam tried to leave it all behind, but not even he can escape the hidden world of evicted tenants and illegal pets terrorizing the building.


2. Pilot 1.1

"I'm so proud of you Sam!" Jess hugged her boyfriend, grinning from ear to ear. They were out with one of their friends, celebrating. Even though he had been nervous, he had passed his LSAT with flying colors and scored an interview for that Monday. They had gone out to the bar to attend a costume party so he could make his announcement. Sam couldn't help but be excited. Finally, after most of his life had been wasted on chasing his father's obsession, not only was he breaking free, but he was flourishing.

He turned to Jess, looking at her lovingly. She was perfect, symbolizing everything in his life: a new family, a normal job, a fresh start. Everything his past had prevented him from having. It was truly a new beginning for him. Jess and his friend didn't understand how he was the pride and joy of his family. But, then again, they didn't know the same things he did.

Still, that was the whole point of them. Obliviousness. They didn't know, and that's what made him feel safe. He had left that life long behind and wasn't going to return. These people kept him grounded firmly in the real world. That was all that mattered now.

Sam smiled at Jess, these thoughts on his mind. "What would I do without you?"

Jess grinned, still giddy from the news. "Crash and burn," she teased, leaning in closer for a kiss. Sam smiled against her lips and let the world around him fade away as he pulled her close, breathing in the scent of her as their lips met.


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