Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


19. tour

Skylar's POV

"Sky are you ready?" Luke asked. I ran down the stairs, leaving my suitcases at the top of the stairs. "I'll get your suitcases." Michael said sarcastically. I smiled, and walked out the door.

"Welcome to LA." Ashton said running inside. "You live here!" I yelled as I walked in. Calum nodded. "Skylar you sleep with Luke, because we need the spare room." Michael said. "Follow me. I'll show you to my- our room." Luke said walking down the hall.

"Alright. Here we are." Luke said as we walked in. "One thing. My mom is on her way over, and you know how she is." Luke said. The last time I saw Luke's mom, was when we were in middle school. She though Luke and I were going to date, and get married. "Lucas!" Calum yelled. Luke took my by the hand and led me into the kitchen. "Mum." He said hugging her. "Lucas. I missed you!" She said. I couldn't help but smile. "Mum, you remember Skylar Williams." Luke said. "Skylar. Little Skylar." She said hugging me. "Mrs Hemmings." I said. "Mum me and Skylar are dating." Luke said. She jumped. "Lucas. Let's see.. I want a little girl!" She said. "Mum. Mum. Slow down." Luke said. I laughed. "Alright. Let's get to sleep." Michael said. Luke kissed his mom goodnight, and we went to sleep.

"Luke! Pleaseeee!" I yelled/whispered. "Skylar. I told you before. No. I don't want to risk anything. And now with my mum here." Luke said. "Pleaseee!" I said. "Fine." He said. I smiled. "I love you." He said pressing his lips against mine. "I love you too." I replied. And well, you can guess how it went.

"Damn Luke. What did you do last night! All I heard was fucking moaning!" Ashton yelled. "Ashton Fletcher!" Liz said. "Sorry Liz." Ashton replied. Liz doesn't like us cursing. "Yea seriously! All I heard was Skylar like screaming." Calum said. "Guys shut the fuck up." I said. "Skylar Marie." Liz said. "Sorry mrs. Hemmings." "So I guess if I curse too, I'll get in trouble as well?" I asked. They all laughed. "I never heard anyone call Liz, mrs. Hemmings before." Michael said. "Well, my dad and her have always been friends, and if I called her Liz, then my dad would ground me. Apparently it was disrespectful." I said. "Well, honey your father was very strict at that time, because of Daniel. He was going through quite a hard time." Liz said. I nodded. "Who's Daniel?" Ashton asked. "Nobody. Just someone in my passed. And I really don't want to talk about it." I said.

"Alright. Let's get going to sound check." Liz said pushing us out the door. "Skylar, can I talk to you?" Liz asked. I let go of Luke's hand, and walked to her. "Your father called me, and told me what happened. Why didn't you tell me your sister is back?" She asked. "It wasn't really that important. And now that my mom is... In LA, I don't really see Lexi." I replied. She nodded. "Mrs. Hemmings, I wanted to tell you thanks, for everything. You were always there for me when I needed you when I was little." I said. She smiled.

"Luke that was amazing!" I said as he finished the last song for sound check. He smiled. "So sky, are you going to tell us how your dad and Liz met?" Calum asked. I sighed. I thought it is embarrassing to tell the story. "Well, when my mum was pregnant with me and my sister, she was about 17, so, my dad was always busy, and mrs... Liz, was there for my mum, and she was there when me and Lexi and Daniel were born." I said. Shit! I just realized what I said. "And at the moment, Liz was pregnant with Luke?" Ashton asked. I nodded.

"Skylar! Come on." Ashton called from downstairs. I was trying to get ready. There was banging on my door. "Skylar! Come on!" Luke shouted. I was in my bra and underwear. Luke came in. "Are you going in that?" He asked. "Yes Luke. I am going to a concert in this. You're an idiot sometimes." I said. I grabbed a pink short dress that came up to my thighs, and black high heel boots that came up to my knees. I never would have worn this. I didn't realize it until now. Luke was actually changing me. Everything about me was different. And I actually liked it.

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