Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


37. Time for A Change


This is a trigger chapter! If you can not read this, then do not! Please!

Skylar's POV

It was the fourth show on tour, and I was still sleeping in Ashton's room. My phone lit up. I looked down at it, and saw it was from a whole bunch of fan girls on twitter. It read:

Luke's new girlfriend, Skylar, she needs to go.

Yea, I know! Shes holding him back.

Totally! Shes such a slut too. I mean like cover up girl.

I know! Shes ugly too! She just... Need to go. He needs to be done with her. She's not pretty, she's not skinny, shes not tall, shes not athletic, shes nothing.

I put my phone down. I ran into the bathroom, and starting cutting. I cut both my arms, until Ashton came into the bathroom. I forgot to lock the door. "Skylar! What did you do!" He yelled looking at all of my cuts, and the blood all over. I just kept cutting in front of him. I couldn't stop. Those girls wanted me gone, I'll be gone. Forever. Ashton grabbed the blade from my hand. I was dizzy. I could feel my eyes start shutting.

Ashton's POV

"Luke!" I yelled banging on the door. There was blood all over my hands from Skylar. She put up a fight to give up the blade. Luke finally answered the door. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked. "Not now. Come quick!" I yelled. Luke followed me behind me.

Luke's POV

I ran into Ashton's room, and followed him into the bathroom. Then, I saw Skylar laying on the floor with blood and cuts all over her arms. "Skylar. Skylar." I said shaking her. She fluttered her eyes open. "Skylar what happened?" I asked. "Check...-" she started to close her eyes. I shook her again. "Check... Phone..." She said. Ashton ran to get her phone. Then, I saw the messages. "It's time for a change." I said taking my shirt off, and ripping it in half. I tied my shirt on her arms, and lifted her up. She felt so weak, and so fragile. "Come on. Let's get you something to eat." I said, carrying her into my room. Harry sat on the couch. "What the fuck happened!?" He asked. "Long story. Get her some good please." I said putting her onto the bed. Harry ran to the fridge. I ran to a cabinet, and grabbed her pills. "Sky, here." I said. She held out her weak hand, and took the pill. "Defiantly time to change." I said again. She nodded. "I know someone who can help you." Harry said. He went to his phone. "Hey, Liam, come to my room." He said. A few seconds later, Liam came in. "He's a expert on this stuff." Harry said. "How many cuts does she have?" Liam asked. I took of the shirt, and saw all the blood. "20." I replied. He nodded, and went to get water. He poured it on her arms. Skylar screamed. "Dude!" I yelled. "Relax. It's going to clear them up." He said. I settled down.

Skylar's POV

Now, I have to sleep in Luke's room. He wants to keep an eye on me. I started to make myself throw up now. So, after I ate, I went into the bathroom, and made myself throw up.

"Skylar Marie. Stop." Luke said outside the bathroom door. I came out. He had food in his hand. "Here eat this." He said. I took it. He led me on the couch, and I laid down, and ate the food he given me. When I was finished, Luke cuddled with me. "Luke. I have to go to the bathroom." I said trying to get up. "No you don't. You're staying here." He said. This change is going to be hard!

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