Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


17. this is hell

Skylar's POV

"Hey Skylar." Sabrina said. When I looked behind her, I saw the two people who I never thought would turn on me, Amber and my own twin sister Lexi. "What the hell is this?" I asked. "Well Amber here has told me that you are in love with Luke." Sabrina said. She walked up to me. "Please leave me alone." I said taking a step back. "Awe. Is someone afraid?" She asked walking closer. "I know all about how you love him, and how he knows everything about you. I know." She said. "So, I'm guessing you love him enough to carry his own baby." Sabrina said. "Please. Leave me alone." I said again. "Who's going to make me." She said. "I am." Someone said behind me. "Leave her alone now Sabrina, or the thing that I know about you, goes out to everyone!" The person said. I turned around, and saw Luke. "Luke, baby, what are you wearing?" Sabrina asked. Did she just call him baby? Did I miss something? "Sabrina, just go. I'm never going to date you. Just move along to someone who really cares." He said. "Fine." She said turning around. Once she got close to me, she kicked the back of my legs with his heels, which made me fall to the ground. "He doesn't love you skylar." Sabrina said. "Like hell he doesn't. If he didn't, would he be standing here? He doesn't love you. And he never will." I replied. "You're going to regret that Williams. This is going to be hell for you." Sabrina said walking off.

"Sky. Are you alright." Luke asked helping me up. "Ow!" I said as he pulled me up. "Can you walk?" He asked. I shook my head. "Alright come on."

He said carrying me bridal style to the nurse.

"Wow Ms. Williams, you have quite a bruise there." The nurse said. I nodded. "It's defiantly broken. No doubt about it." She said. That bitch! She broke my fucking leg.

As we got to the hospital, I saw Amber. "Oh hell no. Not now. Luke get me somewhere now please." I said. "Skylar." Amber said running up to luke.

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