Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


77. That Could Be A Problem

Skylar's POV

"Ashton! Let's go! You can't be late again!" I yelled. Ashton came running down the stairs. "Here's you backpack, your lunch is packed, your teddy bear is all good." I said. He nodded and ran out the door.

"Uncle Cal will be here to pick you up. Daddy and I have a meeting with uncle Niall and his band." I said. "Okay mommy." He replied. "Alright. Go ahead. I love you." I said kissing his head. "I love you too." He replied and ran into his kindergarten class.

"So, we were all wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us again. You could bring your family, and we can all have fun." Niall said. "That sounds like a go-" Luke started to say until my phone started to ring. "Hello." I said. "Hi is this Skylar Williams?" The lady asked. "Yes." I said. "I'm the principal at Ashton's school, and I have him in here as we speak." She said. "What did he do?" I asked. "He hit two people in the face, for stealing his juice. And he kicked a girl to the ground for taking his teddy. And he hit a little boy, because he was talking about you and his father in a bad way." She said. "Alright. I'll be right there." I said. "Please, bring his father as well. We have some things to discuss." She said. "Okay. Thank you for calling me. We will be right there." I said. "Luke, we need to go to the school." I said. "Why?" He asked. "The principal will explain everything." I said. "I can come over later and we can talk." Niall said. I nodded, and we walked out.

"Mr. Hemmings Ms. Williams, please have a seat." The principal said. We sat down, and looked at her. "The first thing I would like to say is, Ashton is not a pain to this school. He is one of our best and smartest kindergarteners." She said. I nodded. "But, as you both know, we have a no bully policy." She said. We both nodded. "So, Ashton is out of this school. He can not come back. I do not need parents calling me saying that their child was injured by another student." She said. I sighed. "That's all. Thank you for coming." She said. "I'll go get Ashton." She said, and she closed the door behind her. "I'm such a bad mother." I said. Luke turned to me. "I'm an awful mother!" I said. "Don't say that. Skylar you are the best mother. Ashton just needs to know what is right and what is wrong. And if it means we homeschool him, it's not bad." He said. He kissed my forehead, and Ashton walked in. "We have a lot to talk about at home mr. You're lucky we aren't telling uncle ash." I said.

"Go to your room. I'll be there in a minute." I said to Ashton. He walked up the stairs. "What happened?" Michael asked. "Ashton hit some kids today. He is kicked out of the school." I said. "Wow. That's extreme." He said. I nodded. "Alright. Let me go talk to him." I said.

"Ashton, why would you do that? They are your classmates." I said. "Mommy, a girl came in and she-she said that you are only with daddy for his fame. And-and it got me mad mommy." He said. "Oh baby, don't listen to them. They don't know." I said. "Mommy are-are you going to tell uncle ash?" He asked. "I have to. He is the one who is going to be homeschooling you." I said. When it comes to the kids, Ashton is very protective, gets angry. He sighed. "I know." I said hugging him.

"Ashton, I need you to homeschool Ashton." I said to Ashton. "Why?" He asked. "He got kicked out of school today. Some girl was talking about Luke and I in a way, that he didn't like." I said. He sighed. "Alright. But Niall is coming over soon to talk, so it will have to be another day." He said. "Oh yeah. I know. Not this week. Maybe next week." I said. He nodded.

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