Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


40. Surprise Birthday

Luke's POV

It's been a month. I feel weak. I'm lost without Skylar. "Happy Birthday." Calum said walking into my hotel room. "It's not a birthday without Skylar here. It's not any day." I replied looking at the floor. "Man, you're really fucked up aren't you." He said. I nodded, and left the room. I mean, I went so many years not talking or paying attention to Skylar, but now, I can't live without her. Back then, the dorky, short, annoying Skylar, wasn't my one true love. But now, the beautiful, short, loving Skylar is.

Skylar's POV

"Skylar!" My dad yelled. I walked down the stairs. It's hard to be home without seeing luke anywhere. And now, I can't swear, I can't promise. Nothing. "Oh never mind." He said. I walked back upstairs. My sister has been all over me about Luke and why did we brake up. Did someone break us up.

My phone buzzed, it was Michael? "Hello." I answered. "Hey. It's Michael, Calum and Ashton." They all said. "Yea I know. What do you want?" I snapped. "Are you willing to see luke?" Ashton asked. I can see my baby again. I can see my amazing boyfriend. "Yes!" I yelled. "The plane ticket is in the mail with a note on it. We will pick you up, bring you to the hotel, and you can see luke." They said. "Alright! When do I leave." I said. "Three hours." They said. I hung up, and packed my clothes.

"Flight 201 to New York, is now boarding." I went to the gate, and have them my ticket. I sat in the window seat, next to a little cute girl, and I guess her mother. I fell asleep, Australia and New York are far away.

As I got off the plane, I saw Michael's red hair. I ran to them. "Skylar!" They yelled all hugging me at once. "Alright. Let's go to the hotel." Ashton said picking up my luggage. Calum took my hand. "There's a lot of fans and paps outside." Ashton warned me. I nodded. I never let go of Calum's hand. Then, we finally got into the car.

"Luke's room 605, right over there. I'll put your bags in my room." Ashton said. I nodded and went to Luke's room. I knocked once. No answer. Twice. No answer. Finally, the door opened, and luke was standing there. His hair, his eyes, his face, wasn't the same. He looked different. "Surprise." I said. He pulled me into his hotel room, and just hugged me. "I missed you." He said crying. "Shh. Baby I know." I replied. "I'm sorry for leaving. I shouldn't have left." I said. "No. You did the right thing. You needed to. You had to clear your mind. It's alright." He said. "Luke, I have one question." I said. He nodded. "Can you go shower?" I asked laughing. He nodded and went right into the shower. I will stay here forever with my true love.

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