Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


54. Relapse

Authors note:

This chapter does include the following:



Skylar's POV

Luke and I decided to let Michael find out about Bella on his own. It wasn't the best idea, but now for everyone to be fighting isn't good, Between Ashton growing up, and Liz is really sick, and a new baby on the way, fighting isn't the best idea.

As I walked down stairs, I saw Michael sitting the couch. And next to him, there was Bella. Holding Ashton. "Alright. You can date him, and whatever, but you do not touch my son." I yelled. "Skylar calm down, shes great with kids." Michael said. "I don't care. I want her away from my son. For good." I said. Bella put his down, and he ran to his room upstairs. "He looks nothing like you Skylar. Everything looks like Luke. I'm surprised he's not fat. He's actually skinny. He really gets everything from Luke." Bella said. Did she call me fat? "And he's smart too like his daddy. And, what does he get from you?" Bella said. Walk away walk away Skylar! "My son is my son. My daughter is my daughter. Oh and he gets his smartness from me. Unlike what your mother gave you." I said. Well so much for walking away. "Mikey, can you go check on Liz, make sure shes alright." I said. He nodded and got up. "I can't believe luke is spending his life with you. You're a worthless piece of shit, that thinks he loves you. Have you heard about his bets that he makes. I heard about his plan with you. Date you. Have kids, and then leave you." She said. A tear rolled down my face. "Did you actually think he loves you. Look at you. Ugly, fat, worthless, you have no life. We both know he would never date you unless he was paid to." She said. "You need to leave. Now." I said. "Nope. I'm here for Michael." She said. I left it at that and went upstairs. Michael had the kids in the play room upstairs. Michael saw me crying, and rubbing my wrists. He knew what I was about to do. "Skylar. Skylar! Come here!" Michael yelled. I just kept walking. I can't do this anymore. Bella is too much for me. I need her gone. So, it's either she goes or I go.

I went into the bathroom, and just sat there for a few minutes. Then, I started. I cut only one arm, only a few cuts. But, a few was too much. I took my bracelets from the cabinet, and put them on, and walked out. Michael was sitting on my bed. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing." I replied. He looked at my brackets. They all know what I do now. When I rub my wrists, I'm going to cut. And when I walk out of the room with my bracelets on, they know I cut. "Come ok sky. I know you better than that. Just tell me. Was it Bella?" He said. I looked to the floor. "Um alright. What did she do?" He asked. "I'm not going to say much, but..." I breathed. "It's either she goes, or I go." I said. He looked at me and nodded his head. "So it's that time." He said. I nodded. "Michael, shes not dating you because she likes you. Shes dating you to split Luke and me up. And I hate to say this, but shes doing a pretty damn good job." I said. "No. No she's not doing a good job. You and Luke will love each other for ever. I will get rid of her. Skylar you're my world. My everything. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives, and I will do anything to make you have an amazing life with my best friend." He said.

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