Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


84. Questions

Luke's POV

"Ms. Williams, we would like to ask you some questions. And mr. Hemmings you can stay." The doctor said. "So, Skylar, when did you first start cutting?" He asked. "Eighth grade." She said. "How long have you been clean for?" He asked. "About three months. Until today." She said. "How many children do you have?" He asked. "Four." She said. "How often do you have sex?" He asked. What the fuck. That's our privacy. "Um." She looked at me. "Don't look at me. I can't control what my body does." I said. She laughed. "Are you on meds?" He asked. "Yes. They are for depression." She said. "Alright. Take those pills everyday." He said. She nodded. "Ashton misses you." I said. She smiled, and looked at her arms. She had marks all over her arms, and bruises. "Skylar, where did those bruises come from?" I asked. "Um."

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