Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


51. Lolly's day

Lolly's POV

"Im so nervous sky!" I said in the back room. "I know. I felt this on my wedding day too." Skylar replied. A tear fell down my face. "What's wrong?" Skylar asked. "I don't want to have those fights, you know, the ones that Luke and you have." I replied. Her and Luke have been fighting for the stupidest reasons, like who takes Ashton to daycare, or who holds Liz. "Honey, you won't end up like me. And we aren't fighting. We are just getting caught up with the parenting." She replied. I nodded. "Let me go see if the boys are ready. Can you watch Liz for me?" Skylar said. I nodded and she left the room.

Skylar's POV

"Awe. Don't you boys look adorable." I said walking into the next room. Ashton stuck his tongue out at me. "How's the little guy?" I asked. Luke picked him up. "Quiet. Too quiet." Luke said laughing. Just then, there was a fart noise. "Oh. Ashton!" Luke said handing me Ashton. I laughed and put him on the changing table. I changed his diaper, and gave him back to luke.

Luke and I walked down the aisle with Ashton in Luke's arm, and Liz in mine. Liz and Ashton stood next to luke on the altar, and then, lolly came down the aisle. I smiled. But, someone caught my eye. Way in the back, wearing a bright pink dress, was Bella. She didn't look happy at all. I looked at Luke, who knew something was wrong. I gave him my 'look over there' face. He turned his head, and stared right to Bella. She waved at him, and I got mad. I haven't seen Bella since the whole incident with the boxers and the underwear thing.

"Do you, lolly, take Ashton to be your husband." The priest said. "I do." "And do you, Ashton take lolly to be your wife." "I do." He replied. "You may not kiss the bride." The priest said. Ashton and Lolly kissed, and I cried.

"Hey lukey." Bella said after the wedding at the reception. "Hi Bella." He replied. He had me hold his hand. I looked over and saw Ashton dancing with Michael. So cute. "Why is she here?" Bella asked. "Because I can. And I have a right to be with my husband." I replied. "Husband? Lukey you're married?" Bella asked. He nodded. "I told you that." He said. "I'm gonna go help Mikey out with the little one." I said. Luke kissed me, and I left his side.

Luke POV

"Why don't we go upstairs and talk?" Bella asked. "Can't. Sorry. My family is waiting for me." I replied. "Family. Who Skylar? She's not family. You don't have a family." Bella said. Well, that hurt. "Luke, Liz and Ashton fell asleep, I'm going to bring them upstairs." Skylar said. "Do you need help?" I asked. "Yea, here take Liz please." She said I nodded.

"So what did Bella want?" She asked, as we put the kids to sleep. "Oh, just wanted to say hi." I replied. "I heard you say no. Don't worry, I heard everything." She said. I sighed in relief. "Today is Lolly's day, so let's go enjoy Lolly's day. I'm sure Calum will sleep soon, so I'll have him come in here and watch the kids." She said. I nodded. When we got downstairs, Michael was kissing Bella. What the fuck just happened?

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