Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


65. Liz's party

Luke's POV

Skylar and I have been running around like crazy getting ready for Liz's party. The house is a mess, the rooms aren't clean, the food isn't ready, no one is dressed. This is a disaster. "Ashton, please pick your things up." I said. He sat there watching tv. Four year olds. I turned off the tv. "Ashton Calum Michael Hemmings. I am not going to say it again. Pick up your toys and put them in the play room." I said. He sighed and got up. "Luke! Come here!" Skylar yelled. Oh boy. The last time she said that was when she found out she was pregnant with Zoe. "I know how you said no more, but-" "again!" I said. She nodded. "You wanted to go on that two week vacation! So this is your pay back." She said. I sighed. "Alright. We will talk more later." I said, she nodded.

"Ashton! I told you to pick your toys up!" I yelled. "Daddy, I'm sorry." He said. "Babe! Come down here please." I said. She came down stairs. "Ashton is refusing to listen to me." I said. She sighed. "Ashton, please listen to daddy." She said. "No! He yelled at me." Ashton said. "Ashton come down here!" She yelled. Ashton came down stairs. "What's up." He asked. "Tell Ashton to clean this up please. He is on a no-listen-to-parents day." She said. "Ashton. Clean up." He said. "Alright." Ashton replied. "Thank you." I said.

Skylar's POV

It was about 4:00, and it was time to put the kids down for a nap. Luke put them to bed, while I stayed outside. "so, Luke told me about that fight you two had." Liz said. "Oh. Yea, that's um done with." I said. "He said he thought you cheated." She said. "See, now that would've happened if he was with Bella." Andrew said. Alright then. I know Andrew hates me, but don't make it obvious. "Oh! How was your little vacation?" Liz asked. "Amazing. We sat on the beach. Went out to dinner. Got to get away from the parenting. So it was relaxing." I replied. She smiled. "And Lucas tells me you're expecting again." She said. I nodded. "Yes. I actually found that out this morning." I said. She smiled. There was a sudden loud bang in the house. I ran inside to see Michael and Calum wrestling. "Bella is mine asshole!" Michael yelled. "Calm the fuck down! It was one kiss!" Calum yelled. I ran to stop it. "stop! Stop it now!" I yelled. Ashton came running downstairs. "Uncle Mickey what's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing little man. Go back to sleep." He replied. Ashton went back upstairs. "It's either you tell me what happened, or I found out the hard way." I said. "Calum slept with Bella!" Michael yelled. I looked at Calum. "I didn't sleep with her! I fucking kissed her!" He yelled. "Then why did I find her naked under YOUR covers! With YOUR shirt on!" Michael yelled. "Alright! There are kids in the house. And now I am treating you two like kids. Calum, go to your room. Michael go to yours." I said pointing to the stairs. "Don't even think about waking up Liz or Zoe." I said. They nodded. Such babies.

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