Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


3. just friends?

Skylar's POV

I woke up in Luke's arms, and I felt so safe. I looked over, and saw him still sleeping with his mouth slightly open. I giggled at how he looked. Just as I was about to get up, I got taken down. "Nope. Your not going anywhere!" He said hold me. "No no no! I have to pee Luke!" I yelled. "Oh well." He said. "Do you want me to pee on you?" I asked. He stopped and looked at me. "Watch me." I said. "Ew! No!" He yelled, and let me go. I ran out the door. "Hey!" He yelled running after me. "You're too gullible!" I yelled. I stopped for a second, and the next thing I knew, I was being thrown over someone's shoulder. "Luke put me down! Lucas Robert Hemmings!" I yelled. "Alright enough fooling around." Ashton said. "Why can she call you Lucas but we can't." Luke shrugged as we sat down for breakfast. "So Skylar tell us about you." Calum said. Luke intertwined his hand with mine. I couldn't help but smile. "Well, my parents are divorced. I have a twin sister." I said until I got cut off. "I heard you get bullied." Calum said. I gulped. "Yea, so? Why does it matter to you." I asked. "Just watching out for Luke. Because most likely if you get bullied and if he starts dating you, he will get bullied." Calum replied. I squeezed Luke's hand tight. "You get bullied!" Michael yelled. I nodded. "Bye who!" Ashton yelled. I looked at Luke. "It's alright. I think it might stop now." I said. "You think? Usually when you get bullied, it doesn't stop." Calum said. I let go of Luke's hand and ran up to the guest room.

Luke's POV

"Calum what the fuck!" I yelled. Everyone looked at Calum. "I was being honest." Calum said. I shook my head.

The guest room door was slightly opened. "Skylar?" I asked. "Bathroom." She yelled from the bathroom in her room. I heard her crying. "Sky? are you alright?" I asked. The door was open. Then I saw it. There was Skylar, sitting on the bathroom floor with a blade in her hand. "Skylar what are you doing!" I yelled. She was drowsy, and then I saw all the blood on the floor surrounding her. "Come on." I said picking her up. I wrapped her wrist, and set her down on the bed.

Skylar's POV

When I woke up, Luke was next to me. I smiled. "Hi." He said. "Hey." I replied. "How are you feeling today?" He asked. "Tired." I replied. "Well, it is 5:30 in the morning." He said. "Come on we have to get ready." I said sitting up. He sighed and pouted. "Sorry sweetheart. But we have to go to school." I said. I pulled him up by his hands. I wore my pink dress, with black heels, my hair curled, and my makeup was natural. I grabbed Luke's arm, and hurried out the door. "Here." He said handing me a banana. I smiled.

"Alright, I'll see you after school." He said. I gave him a nervous smile. "Don't worry about Calum." He said. I nodded. He kissed me on the cheek and went to his class. Everyone was staring at me. "She's dating luke." A cheerleader said. She bumped into me. "Watch it!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes. I walked on down the hallway, and walked into my first class.

"Hey sky." Amber said behind me. "Hey." I replied. I saw Lexi behind her. "What the fuck is she doing here?" I asked. "Sky, she moved here remember. She has to go to school." Amber said. "Sorry I have to go." I said smiling. I feel like Lexi is there because she wants to steal my friends.

As I was walking in the hall, I saw Calum. And the next thing I 0knew, I was on the ground. "Ow." I said. Calum laughed. "What the fuck calum." I said. He shrugged. I shook my head, and walked to my class.

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