Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


85. Guilty

Luke's POV

I followed Brad to his house. He lives alone. No friends, no life, no kids, no girlfriend. Nothing. He got out the car, and walked inside his house. I followed him. I knocked on the door. "Luke what a lovely surprise." He said. I pushed him out of the way. "I swear! If you ever touch her again I will beat the shit out of you! You hear me!" I yelled. "Who did I touch? One of your slaves?" He asked. "Don't think I don't know about your little fling with Sabrina. I know everything. I know you cheated on Skylar with Sabrina. I know you paid Bella. I know everything luke." He said. "That was a long time ago. Before she changed me." I said. "That's not what your slut of a girlfriend says." He said. "Call her that one more time, and I swear you will be crawling out of here every god damn morning." I said. "Shes a slut." He said. "Never call her that again! Skylar is my everything! You don't know who she is!" I yelled punching him in the face over and over again. "Luke! Luke! Stop!" He yelled. I stopped punching him, and got up. "You better have leaned something. And I swear, you touch her again, I will give you something that can't be fixed." I said, and walked out.

"Hey. Where did you go?" Skylar asked as I walked into her hospital room. "Just to take care of something." I replied. "I can't believe that Brad gave you those bruises." Michael said. Everything ran through my mind. Cheating on Skylar with Sabrina. Paying Bella to break us up. Having salves doing things for me. No Luke! Stop! You are different now. "Um guys I need to talk to Skylar." I said. They all left the room, and I sat on the bed. "So, I have been keeping something from you." I said.

Skylar's POV

"What is it?" I asked. "Well, before we got serious, and before we went through this whole change thing, I did something that I want to take back." He said. Oh boy. "I slept with Sabrina." He said. "You... You slept with her? W-when?" I asked. "Before when we were seventeen." He said. "Oh. Okay. As long as it wasn't recent." I said. He smiled. "What did you do? You have a black eye." I said. "Just a little fight." He replied holding my hand. "With who?" I asked, sounding concerned. "Sky it's getting late you should-" "Luke. Who did you get into a fight with." I repeated. "Brad." He replied looking at the floor. I lifted his head up. "Don't be ashamed. Luke, he hurt me. You did the right thing. I don't care if it's in a magazine. That shows you love me." I said. He kissed my hand. "Get some rest love. You are leaving here tomorrow." He said. I nodded, and he left.

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