Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


76. bad people lead to bad things

No ones POV

"Michael! Phone for you!" Skylar yelled. He ran down the stairs. "Hello?" He asked into the phone. "M-Michael. I-I-it's Bella." Bella said into the phone. "I need your help." She said. "W-What happened?" He asked. The phone went silent.

*four hours earlier*

Michaels POV

"Michael! Come down here!" Skylar yelled. I sighed, and went downstairs. "Here." She said throwing me today's paper. "Page seven." She said. I flipped to the page, and read: "drug sellers, and users are back on the streets, so keep your kids close by this Halloween. So far, five dealers have been caught, and two sellers have been caught. There is one more dealer, and one more seller out on the streets. Isabella Trotli, nineteen, has been caught, but never turned in. So, this Halloween, make sure the candy, has never been opened." I finished. "You need to do something. I am not taking my children, and lolly isn't taking Lilly and violet out with them on the streets." I said. What am I supposed to do? Tell her to stop selling drugs? She won't listen to me.

Skylar's POV

It's Halloween, and I promised Ashton and Liz that I would take them out. I'm not happy about it, but im doing it. "Ashton! Let's go!" I yelled. Ashton came running downstairs, wearing his superman costume. Liz came downstairs wearing her little red riding hood costume. "Alright, Luke come on the kids are ready!" I yelled. Luke came downstairs.

Before we walked out the door, the phone rang. "Hello?" I asked. "Is Michael there?" The person asked. "Yea." I said. "Michael! Phone!" I yelled. Michael came running downstairs.

Michael's POV

"Hello?" I asked. "M-Michael. I-I-It's Bella." She said. "Why are you calling?" I asked. "I-I need your help." She said. "What happened?" I asked. I might not be her boyfriend, but I can still be there when she needs someone. "Just come to the open field in ten minutes. Please." She said. "What am I getting into?" I asked. "Please, just come. I'm in trouble." She said. "What kind of-" the phone went dead.

"Bella! What the fuck!" I yelled. "Michael! Im in trouble!" She said. "What kind of-" "The police are after me! They caught me again!" She said. "See this is what happens when you sell drugs." I said. "Isabella Trotli! Put your hands up now!" Someone yelled. The police was right behind me. She put her hands up. "I was never going to help you Bella. Im not you." I said. "Michael! Come back!" She yelled. "See Bella, bad people, always lead to bad things." I said. And I left without a word.

"Uncle Mikey! I got so much candy!" Ashton yelled. "Let me see!" I said. He held out his bag. "Hey! No! This is mine!" He yelled. I laughed. "Um, sky I need to talk to you." I said. "Go with daddy." She said. They went upstairs. "Bella got arrested today." I said. "What." She said. "She got caught." I said. She sighed in relief. "No more worries." She said. "No more worries. Bella is in jail for selling, possession, and prostitution." I said. "Shes a prostitute?" Skylar asked. I nodded. "I did not know that." She said. I laughed.

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