Everything Happens For A Reason

Skylar and Luke have been friends since they were little, but stopped talking in year eight. But when Skylar has a fight with her father, she goes to Luke, which leaves her doing things she never thought she would do. And soon realizes that everything happens for a reason.


52. All A Lie

Skylar's POV

"Michael!" Luke yelled. Michael stopped kissing Bella, and look up. "Yea?" He asked. "What are you doing?" Luke asked. "Um. Kissing my girlfriend." Michael said. Wait. Hold up! He seriously just said girlfriend! "Michael we need to talk. Now." I yelled grabbing his ear. "Ow ow ow." He said as I dragged him into a room with no one in it. "What the fuck man! Do you know who that is!" Luke yelled. "Ye, your friend Bella." He replied. "Shes so pretty. Her laugh is so-" "Michael! Snap out of it!" I yelled slapping him on his head. "Sorry sorry." He said. "I need to go check on Liz and ash." I said leaving the room.

When I left the room, I saw Bella talking to someone. They were over by the couch talking loud enough for me to hear them. "Sabrina you're a genius! If they break up, I'm going to hear all about it." Bella said. Did she just say Sabrina? "I know I'm a genius. But, did you enjoy kissing that gross thing?" Sabrina asked. "Oh. Ew hell no!" Bella said. "Good, because he is slimy looking, and have you seen the way he dresses. Hello, it's 2014 not 1996." Sabrina said. Bella laughed. I shook my head. This whole Bella thing is all a lie to split Luke and I up. They are both getting on my last nerve.

"Ashton Calum Michael! Leave your sister alone please." I said. "Sorry mommy." He said. "Come on, let's go down stairs. I know daddy wants to see you. And so does uncle ash, and aunt olly, and uncle Mickey." I said. That's how he pronounces their names. "Okay mommy." He said running over to me. He grabbed my hand and we left the room. "Cal, Liz is upstairs, can you watch her for me? Shes sleeping now, but if she wakes up, she'll be hungry. There's a bottle on the table." I said. He nodded and walked up stairs. "Look ash! It's uncle ash!" I yelled. Ashton ran to... Ashton. That's not confusing. "Hey little man!" Ashton said. "Hi uncle ash." Ashton replied. "Sabrina is here, I need luke, keep an eye on him please." I said to Ashton. He nodded.

"Luke, can-" when I walked in, I saw Bella and Sabrina in the room. Luke and Michael were no where to be found. "Are you looking for Luke? He went to see where you were." Bella said stepping towards me. "I know about your dumb ass plan." I said. Sabrina looked shocked. I felt someone kick me to the ground. It was Bella. "Listen. You need to back off of Luke. We all know he is mine." Bella said. Sabrina just laughed. Bella kicked me in the stomach. Then, punched me in the face. "Stay away from Luke." Bella yelled. "I won't stay away from him. But, I will tell Michael about your plan, and he will leave you." I said. She laughed. "You think Michael will listen to you about me. He won't know about my plan, he won't know that it's a lie." She said. I had a sharp feeling in my stomach, the same feeling I had when I found out I was pregnant with Liz. But I know I'm not pregnant. They both left. I got up, and saw luke standing there above me. "Was that true? It is a lie?" Luke asked. I nodded. "I came in here to tell you about it, but-" I felt sick. "Here sit down." Luke said. "It's all a lie luke. Bella is trying to split us up, because she wants to be with you." I said. "It's okay. We are going to have a good time tonight. We have Ashton outside dancing with lolly and ash. And Calum passed out holding Liz upstairs, and Mikey dancing with Ashton, Ashton and lolly." He said. I smiled. Sabrina and Bella will not ruin my family, no matter what they do. My family is as strong as it ever could be, and no one can take that away.


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