Disconnected -Sequel to Beautiful Disaster- GAYS IN STORY DONT READ IF DONT LIKE EM -ON HOLD-

It has been a year since Emma died.. But did she really? Is she just hiding to get away from everything? Or a certain someone. Will one sentence make everything okay? Or just worse. Read to find out in Disconnected


6. Chapter 6

They say bad things happen for a reason

But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding '

Cause she's moved on while I'm still grieving

                                         And when a heart breaks no it don't breakeven even, no                                 

                                       -The script    


Emma's Pov:


 Should I tell him the truth or just make up another lie? I was  too busy thinking my mouth started moving.  


  "No?" I replied clearing my throat. I looked at all the boys and they were looking at me funny as Harry commented     "I thought your name was Emma Anderson like the doctor said or was that like a cover up name?" Shit. Damn you Harry. Turning to face Luke I could see tears forming in his eyes and I couldn't take it.  


 "That's my real name now because my old name used to be Elena Mickelson, I didn't like that name sue me." with that I walked into the kitchen taking out everything I could find. Chips. salad, sandwich, nutella (Yeah they had nutella) two bottles of water, milk, an apple, and gummy worms. The guys looked at me like I was crazy while Niall hugged me. I wasn't in the mood for hugs so I pushed him off softly and as soon as I saw the hurt in his eyes I sighed pulling him in for a hug.  


  "You're pretty." He whispers in my ear  


  "Thank you cutie." Smiling I take all my food and go into the living room only Mckenzie following me. Stopping I turned on my heel  


 "Oi! You lads coming or not?" We all sat down on three couches with Kenzie on my lap so this is how the seating went. On the first couch was Niall, Liam, and Zayn the second couch was Harry, Me, Kenzie on my lap, Luke, and the last couch was long so it was Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Louis.  


  "So what movie we watching?" I asked popping some gummy worms and chips in my mouth.    


  "How about Ouija?" Ashton suggested while I shook my head pointing to Kenzie  


  "How about The Giver?!" I announced everyone agreed and Ashton popped it in. I watched the giver before and I learned all the songs so when the song 'Silent' came on I sang


  "Wake up in a new day, but it don't feel that new,
Same faces around me with the same point of view
Everything is perfect, and everything's okay
Just swallow the lies and let your emotions fade
But my heart won't be quiet, I feel a change

No more black and white, this life's too colorful
Beautiful, don't know know what lies ahead, but

I'm ready now, it's time
(Gotta go, gotta get out of this town
Leave my fear behind
(Nothing left for me here, can't stick around)
My dreams are loud and my heart wide awake
And all I know is I'm not meant to be silent"

 I was going to continue but everyone was looking at me so I stopped and ate my food. Niall tried grabbing some of my chips but I went all ninja on him  


  "NO!" I slapped his hand away, he pulled his hand back and  I smiled in success. Suddenly all the food that I just ate was coming back up. Covering my mouth with my palm I set Kenzie on Luke's lap and ran for the bathroom.   

'Silent' Pretend its Emma




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