Disconnected -Sequel to Beautiful Disaster- GAYS IN STORY DONT READ IF DONT LIKE EM -ON HOLD-

It has been a year since Emma died.. But did she really? Is she just hiding to get away from everything? Or a certain someone. Will one sentence make everything okay? Or just worse. Read to find out in Disconnected


4. Chapter 4

Ooh oh oh, I keep trying
Yeah yeeea,
Our love you can't control,
That's me, and youuu
Your love trying to be own
That's you, not me
Ooh oh oh, I keep trying
Oooh oh oh, if you're trying along
Oooh oh oh, I'm tryna tell you
Beware of those WILD HORSES
Some hearts, they can't be tamed,
Can't be tamed!
Go ahead and built your fences
Somehow I still escape, still escape!
In the night, we are raising hearts
In the light, we are miles apart
Beware of those WILD HORSES
You watch them run away, run away
Why'd you're always looking for someone to blame?!
Why's you're always wanna do things the hard way?!
You can change the person, but people don't change!!
Why's you're always wanna do things the hard way?!

                                                             (A/N: I kind of twisted the lyrics a little)



Emma's Pov:


I've been laying on the floor for about an hour when i was woken up by screams, and they sounded like help me screams. I walked into my Jason and I's room to see him on top of a girl. She looked scared out of her mind.


   "JASON GET OFF OF HER!" I vociferated running over to them trying to pull him off her but he wouldn't budge.


   "Jason stop! You're hurting her." I tried again but he slapped me with the back of his hand and it sent me flying across the room hitting the pointy part of the wooden cabinet. I got up and did the only other thing that came to my mind. I called Harry. He was here in a matter of 10 minutes while I was still trying to get him off of the girl who was going in and out of conscious and bleeding uncontrollably. I already called the ambulance and cops. It was obvious he was drunk. I heard a loud knock at the door and went to answer it fast.


    "Emma what's wrong?!"  his voice visible of worry.


    "M-my boyfriend-- girl rape." were the only words I could get it. I was so shocked when is shouldn't be because he like rapes me everyday but I never thought he would kidnap a girl! >.< Harry and I went to the room and he pulled Jason off in one swift move. I on the other hand went to the girl who was on the bed.


   "Shh, don't worry you're going to be okay." I took her hand into mine and tried reassuring her even though a tear rolled down my cheek. The paramedics came 4 minutes later and they put her on a gurney.


    "Would one of you like ride in the back?" one of the paramedics asked.


     "You go, I'll come with the other guys." Harry told me. I nodded and got into the truck.


     "Is she going to make it?" I asked softly holding the girl's hand.


     "Barely, she needs to get to a hospital and fast. Her pulse is low and she lost a lot of blood." I nodded as another tear escaped.


    "Darling I'm going to need  you to answer some questions for me please." Another paramedic looked at me (A girl)


    "Ask away, I have nothing to hide anyways." I chuckled to myself even though I was lying.


    "Can you please tell me what happened?" she asked


    "Well, I think I'm pregnant, I threw up my guts and fell asleep In the bathroom floor. I was woken up by this girl screaming for help so I went to check it out and I found him on top of her. I couldn't get him off of her so I called my friend then you guys came." I explained


     "Okay and what's your relationship with this guy?"


 I hesitated "He's my boyfriend"


    "What's your name?"




     "So you didn't know he was going to do this?" Who the fudgers does she think she is asking me these kinds of questions like im the suspect like bitch please.


    "Why in the world who I freaking hurt this girl and especially help that dog after all that he's put me through?!"


    "What do you mean 'all that he's put me through'?" she pushed as I cursed under my breath


   "Nothing." I replied a little to fast but before she could ask anymore questions we made it to the hospital.


   >>>3 hours later<<<


Harry's Pov: (Surprise mofo)

 The boys and I made it to the hospital about 3 hours ago and there was still no news about the girl.


   "Emma Anderson?" a doctor called out as we all got up.


   "Yeah.. that's me." she answered


   "Paige Monroe wants to see you, the person that saved her life." he replied telling us the room number and we went to room 742 second floor.


   "Knock, knock" I mimicked the knocking sound, knocking on the door.


    "come in.." a small voice answered so we walked in.


    "Hi." I smiled. She tried to sit up groaning a little.


    ''Hi.. thank you, for earlier." she whispered cracking a small smile.


    "You're welcome, and don't worry the guy who did this to you is going to jail." It was silent for a little while until I broke it.


    "So um these are my friends, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn." I pointed to each boy while I named them.


    "Hey, y'all are One Direction right?" she asked


    "Yup!" they all said popping the p with their accents.


     "How'd you meet Jason? You don't have to answer the question if you feel uncomfortable." Liam commented


     "I was walking to my house when someone came up behind me with a knife to my throat, they told me to come with them and not say a word or they'll stab me so I didn't. I smell alcohol whenever he talked so I thought he's drunk and I know that when someone is drunk to not mess with them. He ended up taking me to the house we were at earlier and he threw me on the bed, h-he told me to take my clothes off or I'll get hurt so I obeyed. Next thing I know he's inside me I'm crying for help and then you came in. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my whole life!" She finished bawling. Niall walked up to her engulfing her in a hug. They would look so cute together! I have to take a picture. Taking out my phone I snapped about 3 and sent them to Harry with the caption 'Ship them! Naige <3' He looked over at me and chuckled lightly nodding.


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