Disconnected -Sequel to Beautiful Disaster- GAYS IN STORY DONT READ IF DONT LIKE EM -ON HOLD-

It has been a year since Emma died.. But did she really? Is she just hiding to get away from everything? Or a certain someone. Will one sentence make everything okay? Or just worse. Read to find out in Disconnected


3. Chapter 3

Luke's Pov:

I had to take Kenzie to kinder garden so I walked into her room slightly shaking her.

"Mckenzie baby wake up." I said softly as she started to move around a little "Daddy me no go school today." she replied sleepily. "What's wrong honey?" "Mama no here. All the other boys and girls come to school with mommy and daddy." and she started crying. I sighed and pulled her into my chest "Shh Kenzie its okay, how about afterschool we go see uncle Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn?" she started hiccupping but looked up smiling. "Now, lets go get you ready princess." I turned on the bath for her as I took a bath for her I asked her questions about school. "So did you make any friends?" she shook her head "No one like me." "That's not true, I'm sure there is someone that wants to be your friend." I said trying to cheer her up but I could see it wasn't working. So I blew some bubbles on her. she started squealing and laughing and when we were done I was covered in bubbles and smelt like watermelon. 'What do you wanna wear today?" she picked out a pair of dark kaki pants and a blue shirt with some purple boots. "You want to wear this?" she nodded and I helped her put it on. While we were walking down the stairs I began singing softly. It brought back many painful memories but you know...

 'Wait, don't tell me

 Heaven is a place on earth

I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't

show you what you're really worth.

The way you held me, I wish that I'd put you first

I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss

While you're slipping through my fingertips.

Taking every breath away, from all of the mistakes I made

From all of the letters that I've saved

This is everything I didn't say."

"Daddy me huuungry!" Kenzie exclaimed patting her stomach. I chuckled a little and set her on the island in the kitchen "How does chocolate chip pancakes sound?" "Yummy! Yummy!" I laughed at her and she pouted "I'm sorry babe" I replied hugging her. We let go and I started making the pancakes while Kenzie played on my phone. ''Daddy its Uncle curly!!" I laughed at her nickname for Harry "Answer it and tell him we are going to be coming over afterschool." I told her and she nodded answering the call. "Uncle Curly! guess what?" they talked for about 15 minutes when she told me he wanted to talk to me. I gave her, her pancakes and sat down on the table eating mine.
Phone Covo-

Harry: Hey lad! I hear you're coming over later.

Luke: Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could all just watch a movie and chill out.

Harry: Sure, sounds fun.

Luke: Okay see you then. I have to go bring Mckenzie to school.

As I was about to hand up Harry spoke up

Harry: Oh and I'm going to call over a friend if that's okay.

Luke: Sure, see you later lad.

and our conversation ended. "Babe we're going to be late, do you want a hat? its cold out" I told Kenzie she nodded and I got her gray kitty hat and a gray scarf. After I dropped Kenzie off at school I decided to go food shopping so that's what I did.

Emma's Pov:

 I started walking to the store since there was just a little food at home. I walked into the store and grabbed a cart. First I went to the veggie isle and grabbed some carrots, broccoli, spinach, and then I went over to the bread place grabbed about five packs of bread. I walked around the store some more until I got to the candy isle my favorite! I  started piling all kinds of candy onto the cart. Sour patch kids, Hershey, snickers, tootsie rolls, gummy worms, all the candy you could possibly name. After I was done with that I started walking to the check out when another cart bumped into mine. I looked up and saw the person was on their phone but looked up "I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention. Are you oaky?" he asked I just stood there not saying anything. Instead I walked around him with my cart and to the check out lady. I just saw Luke, thank god he didn't recognize me! "That would be 70 dollars and 20 cents" the lady at the desk said. I paid my amount and headed for the door when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and to my luck it was Luke. Yay. (Note sarcasm) "I didn't get your name, and if you were okay. Also you look familiar, do I know you?" he asked studying my face. I shook my head fast "You have me mixed up with someone else. I'm sorry but I have to go!" and with that I ran out the store and drove home. When I did I suddenly had the urge to vomit so that's what I did, I threw up all the food in my stomach and just laid on the cold floor but it felt good.






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