Disconnected -Sequel to Beautiful Disaster- GAYS IN STORY DONT READ IF DONT LIKE EM -ON HOLD-

It has been a year since Emma died.. But did she really? Is she just hiding to get away from everything? Or a certain someone. Will one sentence make everything okay? Or just worse. Read to find out in Disconnected


2. Chapter 2

Luke's Pov:

It's been a year since Emma died and I have been trying to stay strong for Mckenzie. She asked where mommy was on her birthday and I told her that she was on a vacation. I found out that Melanie telling me that I was the baby's daddy was a lie she just wanted my money, I heard her talking on the phone with this dude.

Emma's Pov:

"Fucking stupid celebrities only care about themselves." My new boyfriend Jason said. We were currently in our house since he moved out of his parents house and he asked me to move in with him so I said yes cause I was in love with him, but nothing could compare to the love I felt and still fell for Luke. "What are you watching babe?" I asked walking over to him "These idiots called 5Seconds Of Summer or some shit like that." he answered and I felt like my breath got stuck in my throat every time I hear that name that always happens. I haven't seen them all in so long I miss them sooo much! "LISTEN TO ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU, YOU WHORE!" Jason screamed at me "I'm  s-sorry" I said lookingdown which was the second mistake I made cause next thing I know I'm being pulled up into the wall by my throat and all the air in my lungs got trapped "You're worthless." he whispered in my ear. You see whenever I don't listen to what he says, Don't agree with, when he's angry, when he had a bad day (Well you had a bad day =) SB) or when he's drunk he takes it out on me but im already used to it so its just like whatever. He let me go and I fell to the floor gasping and  coughing like crazy. He started to kick, punch, slap, spit, and then forced me to have sex with him then he just left out the door. I stayed just laying there for a couple more minutes and then finally got up and pain suddenly shot through my whole body. "Fuck" I murmured with each step I took I whispered a not so nice word and this kept going on until I reached the bathroom. I took a shower (Shampooed, Conditioned, etc. etc.) then I got out and threw on a pair of sweats, bra, and a kind of fluffy sweatshirt that has SpongeBob on it. I brushed through my long hair that was up to my bum, It grew longer over the year cause I was doing this inverse method with olive oil. I looked in the mirror there were many blue and purple marks all over my face so I covered them up with makeup. When I finished that I examined my no straight hair and thought I should change the color of it so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I put it in a high ponytail, put on my shoes, grabbed my wallet and zoomed out the door to the salon around the corner.  When I got there I told the lady that I wanted my top half of my hair dark blue and the bottom half like a lighter blue. When she finished I was so amazed with the finished product I did like this weird twirl like dance to test it out. "Thank you so much I love it!!!" I fan girled thanking her and paying. As I was walking out the salon I took some pictures of my hair and started posting them on every social media which I made new ones cause the guys are going to know that I'm alive and all. As I got to the door I bumped into someone which caused my phone and I to fall straight on my butt. "Fuck" I said under my breath "I say that word a lot I gotta stop." I said talking to myself looking for my phone "I am so sorry love, I wasn't watching where I was going I got to take a wee really bad." I stopped dead in my tracks I can know that voice from anywhere I slowly turned around "Oh My Gawd you're-" "Shh" he cut me off "I want to keep a low cover, I love my fans but I need the loo." he explained I nodded understanding I started walking away but he grabbed my wrists "Can I um- Have your number?" He asked HARRY FREAKING EDWARD STYLES JUST ASKED FOR MY NUMBER! "Yeah sure." I answered trying to stay calm but fangirling on the inside. We switched phones and put our numbers and a photo in then we switched back "Can I get a pic please?" I asked nervously "Of course beautiful" he said making me blush We took like atleast 5 pictures before he said he needed to go and we went our separate ways. When I got home I was relieved that Jason wasn't back yet so I took this chance to make 2 covers of me singing on YouTube. Yes I sing and yes I finally was brave enough to make a YouTube account. I set up all my stuff "Hey Penguins (I had to) it's Emma here. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything these past two days but I hope these two covers will make up for that. I sang 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith which brought back memories and 'Wake Me Up' by Avicii

Sorry skip a little cause she  talks at the start.


(Pretend they're both Emma singing)


Emma's New hair. Dark blue on top and light blue/greenish on bottom.)


That's all for tonight. Sorry its late I wrote it once but then my laptop froze so I had to write it again hope y'all like it. Like, Comment, Share and all that guud stuff. Andee Xxxx





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