Disconnected -Sequel to Beautiful Disaster- GAYS IN STORY DONT READ IF DONT LIKE EM -ON HOLD-

It has been a year since Emma died.. But did she really? Is she just hiding to get away from everything? Or a certain someone. Will one sentence make everything okay? Or just worse. Read to find out in Disconnected


1. Chapter 1

~One Year Later~


Author's Note: SO im am just gonna fill y'all in a little. They think Emma died. 5SOS went on tour with 1D and of course  Kenzie went. Kenzie is her real name now since Luke got to keep her and she wanted it to be Kenzie. So yah read to find out more!! This chapter is just like a filler thingy.


Emma's Pov:

Hey, It's Emma and before you start questioning shit no I am NOT dead. This is what happened.

~1 Year Ago~

Luke's Pov:

I cant believe she's going to be dead in an hour and its all my fault. I heard someone sing from behind me I looked over my shoulder and saw Jake sit on the other side of Emma's bed. He was singing our song 'Everything I Didn't Say' I joined in and soon everyone was singing. Then at the last verse her heart monitor beeped in a straight line. She's Gone.

Emma's Pov:

Am I really dead? I thought to myself. I woke up in this white room type thing with clouds and things. Am I in Haven? I started walking and stopped when I heard my name being called. I turned around but there was no one there. So  I looked down at my outfit and saw I was wearing all white, a white shirt that showed my belly button, white jeans, and white shoes. My name started being called again so I looked around to see who it was. I followed the voice and it became more louder and clearer and soon I saw my gran standing there. ''Gran?" I asked "Is that really you?" "Yes dear it's me." she answered back calmly I started at her for what seemed like forever then I ran towards her and gave her a bear hug. She laughed the laugh I missed the most. You see my gran died on my 12th birthday. That was one of the reasons why I stopped talking. My gran was like the only person who would listen to me when my mum wasn't home she was like my mummy figure and she helped my mum out when my dad left so she's been a really big part of my life. "Emma, honey you need to wake up now." She told me I just looked at her then finally answered back "But I don't want to leave we just met again and some of the people who came into my life just wanted me out of their lives. They tell me I'm worthless, ugly, a slut and so many other things. I don't want to go back." I announced to her she sighed "Baby you're none of those things. Show everyone that you're not those things, I know you can do it kiddo, I believe in you and I always have always will." She said now it was my turn to sigh "But I don't know what to do gran! Mum left to Australia without me, Jake wanted nothing to do with me because I have problems, Luke..." I paused "You think Luke is cheating on you with Melanie, and she told him sh was pregnant?" she finished off for me I looked at her shocked "How'd you know?" I asked "When you're dead you become a ghost. I see a lot of things darling." she answered "He loves her gran and he will never love me because im ugly and fat-" "No you are not! I do not want to hear you talk bad about yourself ever you hear me?" I nodded "Now, you need to wake up babe. Life is giving you a second chance. Take it and make the best of it." she winked and then she started fading away "I love you darling." was the last thing she said before she was completely gone and then i woke up. Everyone was gone by then and I told the doctor not to tell anyone i was alive he agreed.


Still Emma's Pov:

So now you know the whole story that happened in the whole year.


Sorry its short my bro needs the laptop i'll update tomorrow I promise!! Andee Xxx

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