He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


25. Tick List

We've been back just over a month now, it was nice to finally be getting on with life and not having anything to worry about.

Harry was getting increasingly agitated because he thought this year was going to be boring and break his chain of eventful years at Hogwarts. Personally 'boring' sounded like a welcoming option, with exams and what have you. Having no unnecessary adventures, no one to track down, and no Voldemort to escape from were a bonus. Harry doesn't really need his exams though, he could get a job anywhere for anyone with just proof of ID. We think he's back just for the hell of it, and because Hogwarts means so much to him - he doesn't need to be back for the same reasons as the rest of us.

His extra DADA lessons were going amazingly! He had over 90 people sign up (maybe just to see the famous Harry Potter but still) even some Slytherins!! This meant he spilt the classes into 3, I went to all of them as his demo prop, which I didn't mind but I did have some impressive bruises to show for it, Harry's wand was especially powerful... Each group had one night a week, he split them in terms of age (assuming ability correlated, which it mostly did, but there were some anomalies) much to everyone's surprise - people were sure he was going to do it by house, always full of surprises our Harry. He also spent some nights out doing important missions for the school and work for the ministry, how he managed to get such an important position I didn't know, but I went along with it (I even got to be his sidekick a couple of times, it was all very exciting). This meant we only really had a couple of evenings a week to spend with each other, much to my disappointment, I thought our room was going to be used for more than just sleeping in regularly... Which I guess it was, but not as often as I expected, once a week is hardly enough to satisfy oneself, and my fantasy in his office still hasn't come true.

I had a plan to change all this.

In my head I had a secret tick list, different places that Harry and I get (or want to get) cheeky are on this list -

-his office

-certain classrooms

-by the lake / forbidden forest

-Great hall

-McGonagall's office

And that's just a few, by the end of the year I plan to have ticked all these boxes. And to be honest, with the help of Harry's increased status and his invisibility cloak, it shouldn't be too hard to get there, as long as we keep the noise down all should work!

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