He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


35. The Search

I ran straight to the great hall, there was no obvious sign of anyone coming through this area at all, all was how it was when we arrived, and we had no use for the great hall at all. I thought of each common room, I ran up to the Gryffindor tower first as that's where we were sleeping. Only to be most bemused walking into a room to find George and Angelina, apparently completely unaware of the happenings outside. Once informed they changed and made their way to the commotion to help, both holding their heads down looking embarrassed.

They hadn't heard anything out of the ordinary so I moved on to the rest of the castle. Why, when I most needed it did I not have the Maurders map? That would have given me the easy answer. My mind kept on playing on the dungeons, so I made a beeline for dark dank dungeons in an attempt to find harry. Again, there was no sign of disturbances, but I thought I'd better check anyway. No password was needed bizarrely so I waltzed straight in, having never actually stepped foot in the Slytherin common room it was not how I expected it all, it felt quite homely and wasn't dissimilar from ours, just with green and silver decor rather than red and gold, and just a slight chill in the air, which wasn't present in any other house's, but being in the dungeons not much more could be expected.

I moved on having no luck and searched both the Hufflepuff and then Ravenclaw common rooms, again, no luck. I couldn't help but keep thinking of the forest, had Hagrid found him yet? I'm sure I would have heard if he hadn't? I'd been looking for just shy of 3 hours now, I'd checked everywhere but the kitchens... So I ran down but again, no luck, the house elves claimed they hadn't seen anyone. It was then that I had a sudden light bulb moment, only to be shattered by the rational thoughts that followed. Of course I wouldn't know or be able to, for that matter, how to get to harry even if he was there, what would I ask for? Nevertheless, I thought it was worth a go. I clambered up to the seventh floor and started pacing in front of the where the room of requirement appears at request. The only thing I could think to ask for was Harry, so that's what I repeated in my mind 'I need to find harry, I need to find harry' as expected, nothing happened. I kept persevering just rephrasing the sentence every time, funnily enough, nothing happened, at all, every time.

I couldn't bare not having anyone, Harry would be the one I would go to in this situation, to help us, normally sort it out. But not now, we had to go along and work it out ourselves. My emotions got the better of me and I collapsed against the wall sobbing uncontrollably to myself. I don't know how long I was sat there, but I was startled when I felt a comforting hand land on my shoulder. I looked up to find both Ron and Hermione. I tried to smile but I couldn't. They both looked worried, which was never good, I knew immediately Harry hadn't been found, or if he had, it wasn't good news.

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