He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


30. Quidditch Cup

The following weeks were filled with Quidditch, all our important games were to take place over the next couple of months, and I was not going to let our reign of the cup go. Gryffindor hadn't lost so long as we had Harry on the team (other than the year Harry fell), and this year was going to be no different. Slytherin's team isn't fantastic this time around, because a lot of their players didn't come back after the defeat of Voldemort, and a lot have left and moved to schools else where such as Durmstrang in an attempt to start a new beginning without being associated with the dark side, much to my surprise, I wasn't aware you could move magical school, no one had ever started late at Hogwarts, not in the time I've been here for definite. Anyway, point being that Slytherin's are really the main rivals, and if there team is not a challenge, then we should be able to scrape through easily enough. Especially as our team is almost same as it was 2 years ago (Quidditch was banned last year.) so we all know each other and play together fairly well. The only new members are our two beaters. As they completed their NEWTS when I was doing OWLS. However we've replaced them with two strong players so hopefully, our team is the one to beat!

Our first match was Saturday against Hufflepuff. Nice warm up match to start, shouldn't be too tricky, I have a couple of first years watching the other houses practices for me, I trust them to relay the information accurately so I'm aware of what tactics we are up against for each match.

Saturday came and went and as expected the match went well. Harry caught the snitch within 10 minutes, and between Dean, Frederick and myself we had already scored 60 points to nil in that time. Ron didn't have much action as Hufflepuff were weak, especially their chasers, Jade, their seeker was good, really good, but of course, no match to Harry. Next Saturday was Slytherin vs Ravenclaw, the team were heading up to watch the game together to talk about tactics of each team and how we can work around their strong areas, and use their weak areas against them, and more importantly to our advantage.

The weekdays were very uneventful. Life went on as always, and even with quidditch to worry about, the smile had not left my face since the first day back after Christmas. I spent my days scraping through classes, spending as much time on the pitch as possible in order to gain that cup, and deserve it, and all my spare time with Harry. The longer we spent together, the happier I was that we were to spend the rest of our lives together.

We watched the next match, which was all fairly equal and no team or individual stood out as being overly breath-taking. Malfoy had improved some and managed to catch the snitch at the eleventh hour, making Slytherin win the game by 100 points. We continued training hard all week as we were up against Ravenclaw the following Saturday. All planning was going well, but really most pressure was on Harry, as per. So long as he caught the snitch when we were ahead or equal in points we would win each match. He was always better under pressure anyway so I had no worries.

The Ravenclaw game came around sooner than imagined and before we knew it we were heading for the pitch. All matches are a bit of blur after they've taken place, but this one really was. I woke up on the Tuesday in the hospital wing, in the capable hands of Madam Pomfrey, I had no idea why I was here or how I got here. Much to my delight Harry was next to me too. I asked what happened, apparently our beaters brooms were both cursed, causing a missed buldger to fly straight into my head. I fell from a fair height and hit the floor unconscious. Harry managed to catch the snitch as I was falling apparently, before he noticed something was wrong. So we drew, 260 all, which meant there was still a chance to win the cup, but we would have to beat Slytherin, by at least 90 points. As they had won both other matches. Madam Pomfrey appeared as soon as I had been updated and gave me a sleeping potion, along with mild painkillers, with which I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

The next time I woke was on a Saturday, no Harry at my side this time, in fact, I seemed to be completely alone, other than a small second year with a patched up arm. I asked where everyone was, the answer was 'quidditch Gryffindor vs Slytherin' she'd been knocked over by the crowds heading down to the stadium. My mind went into overdrive, just how long had I been unconscious for? I climbed out of bed to head for the window, in an attempt to watch the game, but it was all too much for my jelly legs and sore head. I had a sudden dizzy spell about 7 paces from my bed, I was seeing double of everything and falling to the ground. I flashed in and out of consciousness before hearing voices and falling into a trance once again. When I woke next, I had Harry by my side, grinning, it was still Saturday, but very late. He asked how I was feeling, and when I replied with 'fine' the whole team appeared by my bed, cheering. Even without my lead, they had won. Once again, Gryffindor had won the quidditch cup. With so much going on in my head, I soon drifted away from the happy chatter of the team back into nothingness.

Finally, after waking up and being able to actually hold a full conversation, and stay awake all day with no potions, I was allowed back to my room and back to classes. I had strict instructions to visit the madam Pomfrey twice a day for simple checks, to ensure I had no long term effects. I missed out on all celebrations, the match, in fact, it seemed I missed out on almost everything. I was out of routine for 2 whole weeks, they were making arrangements to move me to St. Mungos if I hadn't come around within the next few days, so luckily I woke when I did! I had a full match report of both Gryffindor games I didn't remember the outcome to, and much to my surprise, they didn't fill the empty chaser place where I was missing, they figured it would be better to play one man down: It turned out chasers were irrelevant in the game any way, as Harry caught the snitch in half an hour, and not a single goal had gone through either goal posts in those whole 30 minutes, but the important thing was, we won! There was no better feeling as captain, even if I wasn't there!

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