He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


36. Never Fear

They explained that Harry hadn't been found, but there was still a large area of the forest not searched, and even most beasts knew of and respected Harry, so he shouldn't be injured by them if he was there. Ron helped me up and they both led me back to the marquee, making me feel slightly more optimistic and comforting me.

As I entered the marquee I saw Kingsley completely taking control of the situation, he had all the roped up army in different areas of the tent, each with a cage dropped around them.

He was going round one by one questioning them, and I'm guessing determining who they were, before long the ministry were arriving and each individual was taken away, no doubt for further questioning. None had given hints as to where Harry was, or that they even knew he was missing. The question was, why did they crash our wedding? It was common knowledge it was taking place, but not that it was to be at Hogwarts. How did they find that out? I didn't recognise most of them, other than Umbridge, Goyle, Blaise, Parkinson and Marietta Edgecome, that face shocked me the most, I know she never wanted to be in DA, she only came along because of Cho, and clearly been against harry the whole time. And of course! That would be why Cho knew something was happening! Maybe Cho would know Harry's ware bouts? The one face that was missing (well that I didn't see) was Malfoy, I would have bet anything on Malfoy being at the bottom of it, but somehow, it just didn't fit. I can't see why he wouldn't want to be involved, but then, Harry saved his life, twice, during the battle. I didn't even know anymore, my mind was a mess and I couldn't make sense of anything.

I was in no fit state to do any magic, I was far too emotional, I told Hermione to somehow get hold of Cho, as she might know where or what has happened to Harry. Hermione wasn't convinced, but agreed, as any lead of where he was, or any hope of him returning was worth a try.

By night fall, all guests had gone home, and whilst Harry and I were meant to be on our Honeymoon, I was sat, in the Gryffindor common room, biting my nails, tears streaming down my cheeks. Mum and Hermione were with me, whilst everyone else was out searching. With that there was a tapping at the window, I looked up to see a small brown owl with a note attached to his foot. Hermione got up and retrieved it, the note read

'He's not in danger. C'

So Cho knew something, just how much? He'd been gone since 1'clock, we'd heard nothing, nothing at all. And with that overwhelming piece of information, there was another tap at the window, this time from Pidwigeon, quite why Ron still had Sirius' owl I'll never know, but he did a good enough job, clumsy maybe, but rarely did he fail. Mum got up this time, we were all apprehensive, she opened the parchment and her face lifted. At least it was good news. This time the note read,

'We've found him, he's safe and well, doesn't know what happened and we're working out how to free him, shouldn't be too long, Kingsley.'

It felt like an immediate massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders, but now I had new worries. What had they done in order for him to not remember, or why had they cleared his memory? Why did they take him in the first place? And more importantly, where is he? Kingsley failed to mention that in the note.

That night felt like the longest of my life. I didn't sleep at all, I sat on the sofa forever hoping that good news would come, none did. Another day passed with more of the same, and another nightfall came and went. Mum and Hermione fell asleep, I just sat, worrying. At 7.30 in the morning mum and Hermione awoke, I was just alerted, to a knocking at the door, I don't know why I got up to answer it, I didn't want anyone seeing me in the state I was, but something lead me to the door. I slowly opened it, only to find myself in the warmest arms I could have hoped for, before I even realised what was happening I was crying again, but this time out of happiness.

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