He's The Only One

Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond?

*I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the sake of this story i have twisted some areas of the story to make better reading and a better story line*


34. Is This War?

I was facing a short, squat woman resembling a large pale toad. She had a broad, flabby face, a wide, slack mouth, and little neck. Beneath the hood i could see flashes of greying mousey brown hair. I knew at once that Dolores Jane Umbridge was back, most probably, and seemingly, to once again make the foreseeable future a misery. 

I just managed to block a curse she shot at me, and felt someone fall into the back of me, I spun around to see yet another familiar face, the face of Gregory Goyle dressed in black sniggering at the fallen body of Luna, who I was now aware was also trying to help. She had been hit by the body bind curse, I managed to stun Goyle, whilst turning and nodding to Ron, we both stunned Umbridge at once, she fell to the ground and I ran forward to grab her wand, only to have my skin scolded where it made contact with the wand. I jumped backwards as I suddenly felt daggers dragging through my gut. I fell to the floor, clutching my stomach. The light in my head started flickering and the scene around me went blurry, I felt someone shaking me, I heard Harry's voice shouting my name, I blinked and saw a blurry face with a dark mop of messy hair, I attempted to smile but I felt too weak to even lift my head, I could feel a comforting hand on my face, but I could still feel the agony across my body. I could hear voices and shouting all around me, faint but it was still happening.

I was still in the marquee I knew that much, I just hoped no one was hurt, or worse. I used all my strength and will power to open eyes, only to see someone in white running their wand over my wounds, all pain had gone but I still felt weak. She saw me looking and smiled, she handed someone by my head potion, which soon got poured down my thought. Harry was no longer there, did I imagine that he had come to help and comfort me? I wouldn't have bothered to open my eyes otherwise, if he wasn't here, what was the point in battling with consciousness?

Something suddenly made me feel better and alert, I sat up and hopped to my feet, only to discover the scene around me, about 6 figures in black were roped up in the centre of the marquee, all wands were levitating on the ceiling of the tent above each rightful owner. But battle was still in full swing around me, Mum caught my eye duelling a wizard in the far corner of the marquee, within a blink of an eye and what must have been a silent charm the wizard was flying into the centre of the tent with ropes winding their way around him, his wand soon joined the rest levitating above its original owner. Before mum saw her next victim and began another duel. Charlie and Bill had clearly inherited this canny duelling talent and we're doing as an impressive job as mum was herself. Ron had moved on to muggle tactics and seemed to be sat on a which whilst Hermione bound roped around the struggling victim, who was then shot into the centre by yet another powerful piece of dark magic thanks to Hermione. I watched in awe at the extent of magic being used that I never knew was possible, well I knew anything was possible, I guess I'm just naïve.

The bound army had risen from 6 to around 13 on just the time I'd been watching, those in black still fighting were now hugely outnumbered by us, but we're clearly the most powerful, knowing all ways out of any situation which could land them in ropes. I noted that Umbridge was back on her feet fighting, she would have been out cold for at least 2 hours from the curse Ron and I shot at her, just how long had I been down for?

Finally there were just two faces left trying to fight, they didn't have a chance, but Harry was still absent and I couldn't help but question why he would be missing, he loved duelling, not to mention his bloody good ability for it, he beat Voldemort for merlins sakes! So why was he not here, the rest of the order and DA were here, all helping, the thought of Cho popped into my head, she had been unable to make it to the wedding, but knew trouble was coming, does she have something to do with all the happenings? Maybe Harry's been kidnapped and the fight was a cover up so it would go unnoticed, I jumped up and held my wand out, shot a very powerful bat bogey hex at both the remaining fighters, this seemed to weaken them and within minutes they had both joined all the others in the centre of the marquee. The first thing I did was shout for Harry, there was no reply, it hadn't gone unnoticed by others either, the only other people missing who should have been helping were George and Angelina, I was half expecting George to appear laughing his face off with Harry and Angelina in tow, as some kind of prank, but unsurprisingly, that never happened. I ran out of the marquee panic stricken, where do I look first, something inside me wanted to run straight out into the forest, but at the same time the castle looked like an option. I ran and got Hagrid to search the forest, whilst I changed my dress into something more practical and headed for the castle.

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